Who needs a blog 2021 survey: week 7 – defense is back in vogue


What to remember from week 6 of the 2021 season? Defense always wins games. This may not be the case for the championships, but for the important games of the regular season? Defense is still king.

Forget the Alabama stoning Ole Miss last week; instead look for teams like Notre Dame and Michigan that get clutch defensive stops on the road. Watch Iowa regroup after a few early punches, then shut down an explosive Penn State team in a Top 10 battle. Watch a poor A&M team forcing two home TOs to surprise against Alabama. Watch the trail of destruction the State of Arizona leaves in its wake P12. The cream of the G5 teams? All Top 20 defenses: Liberty, Coastal Carolina, Cincinnati, Appalachian State, San Diego State, Nevada, ULL. And so on.

It remains to be seen if this trend continues for the rest of 2021 (and especially in the playoffs), but in a high scoring Week 6, it was defense that took center stage.

Here’s your blog poll for week 6.
The usual caveats apply: The criteria are nebulous, sweeping and capricious – strength of the schedule, bad and good practices, injuries, urgent circumstances, home / away results, defense or no defense, offense or absence gambling, line gambling, power poll -ishness, can you cover a gap (Vegas is smart enough about the quality of a team), one-on-one when possible or safe, and my own globes lying eyepieces.

Blog Poll 2021, Week 6

1 Georgia 2
2 Iowa 5
3 Cincinnati 4
4 Ohio state 7
5 Oklahoma 9
6 Michigan 6
7 Coastal Carolina 8
8 Alabama 1
9 Arizona State 11
ten State of pennsylvania 3
11 Oregon 12
12 Kentucky 16
13 Ole Miss 18
14 NCSU 13
15 Wake forest 15
16 Michigan State 17
17 our Lady 20
18 Oklahoma State 19
19 BYU ten
20 Freedom 21
21 SDSU 23
22 Texas A&M
23 SMU
24 Houston
25 Arkansas 14
ABANDONED Army, Texas, State of Oregon
  • Iowa, Georgia, Cincinnati, Michigan, Liberty, State of San Diego, State of Oklahoma, and many more on this list require no introduction. These guys are suffocating you and are just offended enough to get the job done.
  • Alabama fall – with good reason, and for many reasons: They are a sloppy and flabby team, a team that does not focus enough, with rights and attitude issues, without an identity, really lacking in leadership and marked by personnel and chemistry problems in virtually all job groups. But hey! At least Alabama hired a clown to mismanage the offense. If only someone had warned us of this very thing, calling O’Brien’s rental “the self-inflicted injury that would have cost Alabama at least one game.
    I don’t think this Alabama team finished losing either unless he gets his sh ** together in pretty much every way, pronto. Sorry guys. You have played 6-7 full quarterfinals all season. And all I see in mid-October is a waste of extremely dysfunctional talent … talent that could win it all again in January. No margin for error on any game, in any game, the rest of the way. (If anyone wants to give me a Christmas present in advance, BTW, I’ll settle for an elite offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. WHO KNEW THE HIRING OF NFL WASHES WAS BAD IDEA ? !).
  • In January, after Football Voldemort’s reckless hiring by Tide and the Alabama offensive coaching staff diaspora (and the NLF talent drain), I threw a hundred dollars at Ohio State for win the national championship. The first 2-3 weeks it sounded like a bad call. But as Stroud got more reps, he is Verry much improved. This team will break B1G score records this year. And while Buckeye Fan doesn’t want to adopt it, the new OSU identity follows a similar trajectory to Alabama: if you hit 50-55 points per game, you can afford defensive responsibilities … and Lord knows. , OSU has them.
    In an offensive era, it is always my favorite to win it all in january.
  • Speaking of offense, oh, mate. I don’t know where this creative Sooners program has been all season, but it came at the right time and in the right place. It was the game Steve Sarkisian had been hired to win; it was a game that should have been won; and it was again, Big Brother Dirt Burglar kicked the Longhorns teeth and then stole the lunch money from them. It was as funny as it was pathetic.
  • Are you ready to tell your kids about a world with a Kentucky Top 10 team? We are so close to this reality. Lévis was the missing ingredient from the start – that, and the East is a particular kind of horror.
  • Someone brings Sam Pittman out of about half a dozen defensive linemen from the portal. I don’t know if Mizzou or the Razorbacks are softer up front.
  • Lane Kiffin goes always have a game ready. And it will generally work. This team is playing better than its level of talent.
  • BYU will regret this bad loss at home to a dying Boise State team that was teetering on life support.

  • I still don’t feel Oregon, all of you. I was at the top of Arizona State before the season; and somehow it undervalued this team. All that separates the Sun Devils from legitimate playoff chatter is an incredibly derpy quarterback at BYU. Looking at the rest of the schedule, I think ASU will roll the Ducks and we’ll get Oregon-ASU for the P12CG, with a playoff berth on the line.

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