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Every now and then someone asks me if there’s an app I couldn’t live without. Of course, there are everyone’s favorite apps. TikTok, Apple News, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

For me though, if there was room for just one app on my phone, it would be Feedly.

Feedly is for people who visit favorite websites every day. It’s like a magazine with only your favorite websites.

Feedly is a feed reader. Many websites have hidden code that delivers updates as RSS feeds. If you subscribe to this feed, it appears in the Feedly app in real time.

Do you follow certain blogs or magazines? Rather than having to visit these websites to see if anything new is posted, you open the Feedly app. If there is something new, it will be posted here.

While similar apps offer curated content based on your interests, Feedly is an aggregator. It extracts only the content you have selected.

To add a favorite website to Feedly, just search for the name and hit the plus button. You can also browse topics. For example, I added sports, business, tech, and geek websites as well as inspirational blogs that I like to read. All of these, like FBI warnings, are not updated daily. Feedly saves me time because I don’t have to visit sites only to find nothing new.

If you see something but don’t have time to read it right away, you can save it and mark it as important. Tap a story to open it on the website where it’s published.

Your Feedly feed is synced across all your devices and the Feedly website. Once you scroll through the messages, they are removed from the feed. So every time you check Feedly, you’ll only see new posts and articles.

Feedly is a completely free application for iOS, Android devices and the Feedly.com website. There is a paid version for additional features. The free version is sufficient for most people.

If you spend too much time switching between favorite websites, this app will save you time and keep you informed. I can’t believe not everyone uses it.


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