What happened on day 2 of the US Open: Rankings, results


BROOKLINE, Mass. – Sometimes self-mockery can be a good schtick. It serves a purpose. Stupid expectations and, guess what, people don’t expect much from you. More often, however, self-mockery is a peephole in the psyche – whether it’s self-doubt or a fear of success or something else. Either way, he’s there. And the problem with too much self-mockery, as Joel Dahmen knows, is that for all the good it does in keeping someone humble, sometimes you can start believing it too.

This probably explains why Dahmen almost missed his chance to play in this US Open.

And that probably also explains why he’s in a five-way tie for second place, one stroke behind leader Adam Hadwin.

Let’s go back to 11 days ago. It was US Open qualifying in Ohio. Dahmen had just completed four rounds at Memorial, playing OK golf and posting a T32 finish. Late that Sunday afternoon in Muirfield Village, he seriously thought about relaxing, having a drink and bailing out the 36-hole course the next day. As it was, he didn’t particularly want to qualify for the US Open. After leaving the course that day, he shared some hard truths: First, his game (short, sharp) doesn’t match the US Open courses (ultra long, hard). And two, it’s arguably best to focus on the Travelers Championship and the John Deere Classic, the two PGA Tour events that immediately follow the US Open, because he knows he can make it there. But a US Open?

“If I qualify, I sign up just to get my ass kicked,” he said that Sunday.


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