What does “FYP” mean on TikTok?


The abbreviation FYP, which stands for “For You Page”, is a feature specific to TikTok. It serves as a landing page for individuals on TikTok, gathering clips that users might be interested in. Over time, the FYP works as an effect of the content you have viewed and interacted with in the past.

The term started gaining traction among users around 2018, and by the summer of 2019 it was on its way to becoming one of the most used terms on the app. Rightly so, because the FYP or “For You Page” is one of the most popular interfaces of the application.

Similar to how Instagram’s “Explore” page works, the FYP works and works closely with TikTok’s recommendation algorithm.

Why is Jordan Bohannon playing guitar late at night on my TikTok FYP? https://t.co/FUNBIpVqmD

This means that FYP serves as the page where the algorithm gathers clips that a user might find interesting.

How does the FYP interface work on TikTok?

When you open the TikTok mobile app, you are automatically redirected to the homepage. Here, all the functions are presented and can take you further in other uses of the application. At the top of the homepage, there are two words, “Following” and “For You”.

These two elements serve as pointers to the part of the application where the content was downloaded. The former directs you to content from those you follow, while the FYP has more extensive content coverage from millions of other creators.

FYP is a powerful tool that pushes content to gain more visibility and engagement on the app. Most users upload their videos with many hashtags, including the #fyp, hoping the algorithm pushes them to other people’s FYPs.

TikTok was silent on how its algorithm selects content to post to each person’s FYP, but shared that the content is chosen by its employees, who send what suits each person’s FYP. This means that the chances of spamming with different FYPs to rig the system are low.

A May 2020 statistical update showed how effective the FYP page was when the number of views exceeded two trillion. In a blog post from TikTok, the FYP interface was explained in more detail. It said:

“Part of the magic of TikTok is that there is no For You feed – while different people may come across some of the same great videos, each person’s feed is unique and tailored to that specific individual.”

When items or content are pushed to FYPs, weak and strong indicators indicate what each user would most likely enjoy and interact with. For example, a strong indicator can be gleaned from longer videos where the viewer watches the content until the end.

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It could mean that they are interested in this type of content. In turn, they get content similar to FYP at other times. General knowledge is that the FYP algorithm is still a mystery. Still, some creators have seen huge success in viewability when their content carries FYP hashtags.

Similarly, viewers are also welcome to comment with the term FYP in the comment section. It’s also believed to help push content to more “for you” pages for millions of other users.

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