West Seattle Blog… | PHOTOS: West Seattle Pride March 2022, “for our young people”


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More than 100 people, from children to the elderly, took a lively walk along California Avenue SW this afternoon during the third edition West Seattle Pride Parade. Its founders, a married couple Monica Colgan and Fall Love Wellled the way after a brief and moving speech to the crowd:

Lovewell told the crowd, “We’re doing this for our young people, first and foremost – they need our support, especially with what’s happening in our country” – yet another attack on LGBTQIA+ rights. The demonstration of support therefore matters more than ever.

Along the march road, from Morgan Junction Park in Northern California/Findlay, there were demonstrations of alliance – from people standing along the sidewalk to drivers honking and clapping as they passed. A local church expressed its support by joining the march.

A bit of fantasy along the way too:

All of this happened even as the City Pride Parade rolled through downtown and amid the hottest temperatures of the year so far:

At the end of the trail – the walk turned into a celebration inside the air-conditioned event space that Lovwell and Colgan operate next to their businesses Youngstown Coffee Company and HeartBeet Organic Superfood Coffee:

The music supported the theme of the day – songs like Madonna“Respect yourself.” Lovewell and Colgan founded the local Pride shortly after taking over Youngstown in June 2020, reminding everyone then, as they did again this year, that “the first Pride was a protest, not a parade”.


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