Weather Blog – We’re Tracking Central Kansas Thunderstorms Heading Our Way


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We have clouds crossing our sky this morning, and there is an upper level disturbance producing thunderstorms over central Kansas. These thunderstorms are heading our way, and they’re still hours from Kansas City. We’ll take a look.

Sunny & Rainbow The Weather Dogs take their “pose” tour to show us the cumulus and stratocumulus clouds forming this morning:

hello dogs

There is a higher level disturbance moving towards us. Here is the radar just before 7 a.m.:

Speed ​​cameras from 06:54

Speed ​​cameras from 06:54

We’re in the monsoon moisture flow, and I’ll do my best to explain myself on KSHB-41 tonight. A disturbance in the flow is moving towards us this morning. It is the origin of these storms, illustrated above.

This disturbance is captured by the monsoon flow. Monsoon means “seasonal wind”. The United States summer monsoon is a description of the seasonal flow aloft that brings moisture to the southwestern United States. Sometimes this moisture will be diverted east over Kansas City, and that happened this week.

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