Weather Blog – Low Severe Risk in KC and High Range Severe Weather Risk in the South


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There were reports of about 20 tornadoes in Texas yesterday and the risk of severe weather is increasing today. Have any of you seen the video of the van being rocked by one of the tornadoes? The truck was overturned several times, and the last time the tornado rolled it over again, it landed straight and the driver drove off: A tornado crosses the highway picking up a truck

The risk of severe weather is actually higher today:

Tornado risk today

This map is from the Storm Prediction Center and shows today’s tornado risk as they see it. It had a 2% chance of a tornado within 25 miles of where you live east of KC to central Missouri, but they ruled it out due to the presence of air Fresher. Further south the chance increases to 15% chance within 25 miles of where they live there and it is hatched. The hatched area means strong tornadoes are possible.

For our region, it looks like this low cloud platform will not dissipate today. If so, then the odds will go even lower than the 2% odds they placed in our area.

Low serious risk near KC

Low serious risk near KC

Look at the map above, and this forecast for 3 p.m. temperatures below. If it is less than 65°, then any chance of thunderstorms forming becoming strong enough to produce a tornado will be lower. This temperature forecast from the latest HRRR model indicates 60 or lower in most areas. This is due to this bridge of stratus we have in our skies this morning that is not clearing. So let’s keep our eyes on the sky. If the sun rises around noon and warms up, then we will have to pay close attention to how this afternoon develops.

Temperature forecast at 3 p.m. today

Temperature forecast valid at 3 p.m.

I’m still writing…… New Severe Weather Outlook will be out soon and I’ll end this discussion of severe weather risks then…….

A look at part 3 of this storm:

Colder air will enter this evening and Wednesday. An area of ​​snow is forecast to fall in northwest Missouri tomorrow evening. He looks less and less the closer he gets, and that’s just something we need to watch out for as well.

Snow forecast Wednesday evening

HRRR pattern valid at 1 a.m. Wednesday evening/Thursday morning

A block should form over northern Canada and the northern Atlantic Ocean:

Weather model development

Developing weather conditions – forecast valid Monday

I will have finished the blog at 8:30……

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day and sharing this weather experience. We will be watching the skies closely today. Have a good Tuesday.



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