Vanity Fair Hollywood 2022 Issue Covers: Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman and More


Portfolio by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Stylized by Katie Grand

Scenography by Stephane Beckman

Casting for Vanity Fair by Britt Hennemuth

Website design and development Tim Klimowicz

VANITY LOUNGE: creative director Kira Pollack Hollywood Editor Jeff Gilles
Executive Director of Talent Alison Ward Frank visual director Tara Johnson
fashion director Nicole Chapoteau design director Justin Long
VP Programming and digital video development, Culture Kelly Balls Senior Director, Programming and Development Ella Ruffel Director of Creative Development, Culture Arjun Srivatsa Chief digital editor Kelly Butler Web production Jaime Archer, maham hassan Production director Roberto Rodriguez Senior visual editor lauren jones Associated visual editor madison reid digital designer Quinton McMillan
Product Director Mindy Yuen Product design Kristina Pedicone
Hollywood Editor Hillary Busis Awards and audio editor katey rich Interviews by Delia Cai, David Canfield, Cassie da Costa, Yohana Desta, Rebecca Ford, Julie Miller, Chris Murphy

fashion team
Daisy Shaw Ellis, Miles Pope, Kia Goosby, Samantha Gasmer, Jessica Neises


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