These 3 TikTokers Are Today’s 2000s-Style Celebrity Gossip Bloggers and Here’s Where to Find Them


Back then, morning coffees were nothing more than a prop to compliment your snoop through the glossy tabloids or celebrity gossip blogs. The practice was so fashionable in the 2000s, it’s inconceivable these days.

Especially when all we have to do to get our fix is ​​scroll through TikTok. Back then, we had Perez Hilton and LaineyGossip where Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Britney were daily fodder. One of the few gossip sites that survived and sailed into a woke revolution was “CrazyDaysandNights”.

The difference between the celebrity gossip purveyors of yesterday and today is just one letter. Back then we called them bloggers and now we call them vloggers. Or, to be more specific, TikTokers — they share Vine information, often via “CrazyDaysandNights,” and they create PR vision boards for celebrities. It’s fascinating.

1. It becomes a whole thing

Dating speculation is a staple of TikTok’s celebrity gossip side and ‘ItsBecomeAWholeThing’s’ Emily breaks down PR dealings in Hollywood; the ins and outs, why they do it and how to spot them.

But more than your average “this couple can’t be real” comment, Emily analyzes pop culture. Lately she’s had a look at some of the craziest items of our generation—“The Olsen Twins: Sisters of Lifelong Sobriety”—and how the The Kardashians can capitalize more on television.

2. Girlbossville

Robyn is the marketing brain behind the “Girlbosstown” account; a viral TikToker that offers advice to celebrities and brands on what they can do to uplift themselves. Lately, even Noah Schnapp and BurgerKing have asked for his expertise.

In a video, she advises Uber Eats on an advertisement which would feature Martha Stewart and Young Gravy at Thanksgiving together (sure, why not?) and in another, she makes predictions for Khloé Kardashian The year to come.

3. Fluently Forward

Shannon brings both a rational and exploratory element to the celebrity rumor mill — she dots her i’s and t’s when it comes to diving deep into an alleged story. She goes through history and gives her own interpretation.

Not to mention that she is so Costs with her “I don’t care” attitude and she’s quick to remind her followers that even the celebrities they love really don’t care.

When it comes to the gossip mill, we can’t believe everything we hear. But these TikTokers are making the case and going further; we can’t believe all we hear or see is positive That is. Like about how Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively always play fight or the couples who are perfectly ready to have coffee together.

If you’re looking for Hollywood commentary that goes beyond headlines or Instagram A-lister posts, these TikTokers are just the ticket.

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