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If you’re reading this, chances are you live in Coronado and The Coronado Eagle & Log is delivered to your home, or you are visiting Crown City.

Just like the Coronado Eagle & Log, CORONADO Magazine is, and always has been, a publication reported, written, photographed and designed in Coronado. Plus, CORONADO Magazine has a longer history than you might think.

CORONADO Magazine is one of the publications of Eagle Newspapers, a family business started in Coronado by Dean Eckenroth, Sr. after a long career serving two former owners of Coronado Journal (Harte-Hanks Communications and Worrel Enterprises).

The Eckenroths not only publish CORONADO Magazine, but the Coronado Eagle & Log weekly and the Coronado Directory and Guide (Kennedy Book), the Coronado Visitor’s Guide and several other publications, websites and social media.

In fact, the newspaper celebrated its 110th anniversary in May 2022; and, also in May this year, Dean Eckenroth, Jr. celebrated 30 years working with his father at Eagle Newspapers. They now share publishing duties by managing their newspapers, magazines, periodicals, websites and social media platforms.

In the coming months, Eagle Newspapers will celebrate its history with a series of feature articles and dedicated employee profiles.

The Eckenroths founded the Coronado Eagle newspaper in 1990 after Dean Sr. left his post as editor at the Coronado Log in May 1990. This family business took all hands with Dean Sr. handling editing and production with his wife and teacher Nancy helping with sales and events, and sons Dean and Brian helping with delivery .

The Eckenroths’ company, Eagle Newspapers, acquired the Coronado Log and Visitor Magazine in 1998 from US Media, based in St. Louis, Missouri. (a month earlier, US Media had purchased the Journal and Visitor from Independent News, then owned by Rupert Murdoch). With the purchase, the two Coronado newspapers were combined without outside ownership for the first time since 1972.

Unlike the Eagle & Log, CORONADO Magazine is much newer. The magazine began as an idea in 1982 and was born out of a collaboration between Dean Eckenroth, Sr., and Hotel del Coronado owner Mr. Larry Lawrence, General Manager Scott Anderson and Chief Don Larson advertisement. It was originally released as Coronado Visitor Magazine and was an in-room magazine for Hotel del Coronado guests and distributed throughout Coronado.

After the purchase, the magazine was redesigned to include more local stories and was renamed CORONADO Magazine.

In a May 29, 2002 Eagle & Log article, the Eckenroths announced that CORONADO magazine would be delivered to every Coronado home beginning in October 2002. This in addition to being available in businesses and other locations around town for years. They clarified that due to “excellent expense control” over the previous year, the increase in the magazine’s circulation could occur without any increase in advertising prices.

On August 13, 2008, the Eagle & Log commemorated 25 years of CORONADO magazine by announcing that it would be hosting a movie night in the Winn Room of the Coronado Public Library on August 28. What was the movie, you ask? Coronados, of course! This “rare and rarely seen” 1935 musical starred the late Johnny Downs, a former Coronado resident and member of the original “Our Gang” of TV fame; Jack Haley (the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz”) and the band Eddy Duchin. It was filmed at Hotel del Coronado and Tent City. Downs plays a rich boy living in the Del, courting a lower-class singer from Tent City played by Betty Burgess. The film contains “at least two original songs about Coronado”, one being “Coronado by the Sea”. As a bonus, “Coronado by the Sea” would be played on the piano during the evening.

CORONADO Magazine has undergone many design and content changes over the years. A November 1, 1984 issue of Visitor Magazine has the caption “The Exclusive Hotel del Coronado In-Room Magazine” under the cover header and bottom “provided monthly as a service to our guests “. There is an editor’s note from Dean Eckenroth, Sr. The issue features “Tennis on Coronado” on the cover, with photos of John McEnroe and Farrah Fawcett on the cover. The magazine’s content featured the facilities and staff at Hotel del Coronado, and included a story on how to sleep well away from home as well as to-do lists for visitors during their stay.

In contrast, the Spring 2004 issue of Coronado magazine had an expanded reach, including resident activities, was delivered to every household, and was thicker with more content. During this period, the magazine was published quarterly. The slogan behind this issue was “For the people who live, work and play here”. Stories included getting your home ready for spring and local volunteer profiles.

In the July 2014 issue (as a monthly publication), CORONADO Magazine featured creative covers. The July 2014 cover, which included the 4th of July parade program, showed a photo of children on a red background on the right side, and a blue flap on the left side with the other half of the photo (and the ‘bear) covered by deep blue. Open the flap and you see the full cover, with an advertisement on the back of the flap for Willis Allen Real Estate.

Today, the magazine continues to appear monthly, thicker and brighter than ever, with stories about local people and events, restaurants, dating and travel, among many other topics. It still ships to every Coronado home. And it comes full circle – the July 2022 issue of CORONADO magazine, like the November 1, 1984 issue of Visitor magazine more than 38 years ago, includes a note from (and photo from) the editor. Now it’s Dean Jr. rather than Dean Sr.

Here are many more years of the Coronado Eagle & Log and CORONADO Magazine!

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