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Our student bloggers write about how they are dealing with the current global health crisis, provide an overview of their school’s performing arts programs, share their thoughts on the latest theater news, and more.

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Student blog: student edition of Bad Body Image Days-Théâtre

Student Blogger: Meredith Muirhead

Excerpt: You have a hard time finding a student who has no problem with their body image, let alone a student who studies theater. It’s sad but true. Society has set such toxic bodily standards that we especially feel like actors because we literally represent society in our work, and this can have a major effect on our performance in class or in rehearsal. It’s no secret that we need to take care of ourselves whether we like it or not, and lean bodies aren’t the same as healthy bodies, but hey, we all have days when caring for our bodies is harder than usual. Days (or weeks, it’s okay) of poor body image come in, and they can be horrible, but they are nothing that cannot be conquered.

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Student Blog: Spotlight on My Classmate, Edoardo TesioStudent Blog: Spotlight on My Classmate, Edoardo Tesio

Student blogger: Sydni Dichter

Preview: The love of storytelling continued throughout Edoardo’s life, and it now continues as he completes the first half of his senior year at NYU’s Tisch Drama Experimental Theater wing. Today Edoardo identifies himself primarily as a playwright and director, but he also enjoys acting, dancing and choreographing. He just put on his first show, Vanity, in New York!

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Student Blog: Dramaturgy and Why I'm Afraid to Ask for the Table Seat I Know I DeserveStudent Blog: Dramaturgy and Why I’m Afraid to Ask for the Table Seat I Know I Deserve

Student blogger: Paige Rosko

Extract: No matter what someone does in the theater, respect them. We are all hardworking people trying to do what we love. Whether it’s the playwright or the technical director or the lead actor or the room manager: we are all there. Every person in the theater has put their whole life to make this work and there is no reason for someone to feel like they don’t deserve to be there or that their job isn’t useful. to the company.

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Student blog: Make a cabaret (not the musical)Student blog: Make a cabaret (not the musical)

Student Blogger: Zac Denver Lee

Extract: We made a cabaret! No, not the musical, but the cabaret style of performance. If you are wondering what a cabaret is, according to Wikipedia, cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment featuring music, songs, dances, recitations, or plays. The venue for the performance can be a pub, casino, hotel, restaurant or nightclub with a stage for the shows. The audience, often eating or drinking, generally does not dance but generally sits at tables. Think about Feinstein’s / 54 below.

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Student Blog: Favorite Songs RankedStudent Blog: Favorite Songs Ranked

Student blogger: Annie Petrelli

Preview: After viewing my Spotify Wrapped, I noticed how my musical tastes have changed from the start of the year until now. Until July I mostly listened to songs from musical soundtracks, but after that I started to listen to other styles of music.

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Student blog: for us a child is bornStudent blog: for us a child is born

Student blogger: Allie Pruett

Extract: Every four years or so for … probably twenty years, MBU has performed Handel’s Messiah. This year is one of those years. Needless to say, it’s not an easy job. It’s several hundred years old, after all, and some things have been lost in the translation, so to speak, but it’s still a fun job.

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Student Blog: A Letter to All Students During Finals SeasonStudent Blog: A Letter to All Students During Finals Season

Student blogger: Breanna Ebisch

Extract: Remember to take care of yourself. Take breaks during your studies, drink plenty of water, and allow time to rest at the end of the day. No rating is more important than your physical or mental health, so give yourself a little grace and achieve everything you accomplish each day without surpassing yourself. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out. There are a lot of people around you who are all going through the same thing and are always ready to support you in any way they can. Take advantage, remember that you are never alone, especially during this time of the semester.

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Student Blog: Updates: The Finals CrisisStudent Blog: Updates: The Finals Crisis

Student blogger: Brighton Horan

Excerpt: Another way to honor Sondheim’s legacy is to support promising new writers. Donate to this program that writes original works! Go see the little off-off-off-Broadway show! You might hate what you see, but then again, there’s a good chance you like it.

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