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Our student bloggers write about how they are dealing with the current global health crisis, provide an overview of their school’s performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and more.

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Student Blog: An Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry on Disability Inclusion (from a woman on the spectrum)

Student blogger: Bea Mienik

Extract: 1 in 5 Americans has a disability. It is high time for the media to step up and deliver empty words with meaningful follow-up: Hire people with disabilities. Let THEM share their authentic stories. LISTEN to them when they say what you are doing is wrong and change your ways. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. Educate them with proper media portrayal and watch the world blossom in vivid color. When you let the colors in and change the narrative in the media, everything starts to change and the world is better off. Without diversity, there is no art. Can you paint without color?

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Student blog: an open letter to amateur historiansStudent blog: an open letter to amateur historians

Student blogger: Emma Thomas

Snippet: If you’re a history buff, you might have noticed something in a movie, TV show, or theatrical production that wasn’t quite right. It turns out that there may be a simple explanation. We are responsible for maintaining the historical integrity of the production, but storytelling is always our first duty. If you’re like me or my friends, you always notice these things, and hopefully now you might be a little more willing to let it slip the next time you see something imperfect on a TV show. or a movie.

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Student Blog: Actually there is no plan B so please stop askingStudent Blog: Actually there is no plan B so please stop asking

Student blogger: Claire Desenberg

Extract: I don’t believe in anticipating the possible imminent downfall of my career and everything I have worked for. I feel like when you do a Plan B you’ve already accepted the failure of Plan A. Anything is possible until it isn’t, so don’t sell short. I went through a few “plans” or ideas for the rest of my career so to speak, but not until the previous plan was completely canceled. I’m not going to think about it and move on to the next shot until the first shot has fully taken its course. So don’t ask me what plan B is when I haven’t even started plan A.

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Student blog: What we can learn from Simone BilesStudent blog: What we can learn from Simone Biles

Student Blogger: MaryRose Jones

Excerpt: “You shouldn’t feel the need to sacrifice your sanity for others. I think sometimes, like Biles, we feel like being part of a show we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. We don’t want to let anyone down by protecting ourselves.

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Student Blog: Why isn't there a Smash Season 3 on NBC?  - Spoilers ahead!Student Blog: Why isn’t there a Smash Season 3 on NBC? – Spoilers ahead!

Student blogger: Mia Van Deloo

Excerpt: With no live theater in my 40s, I turned to the next best thing – theater made for TV I love this show because even when I was sitting at home during the pandemic, the Realistic settings of Times Square and Broadway theaters brought comfort and excitement to me. It was a way for me to feel connected to Broadway again. So … why didn’t they do a season three?

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Student Blog: Summer Stock Central: Step 4 |  Create your listStudent Blog: Summer Stock Central: Step 4 | Create your list

Student blogger: Matt Guernier

snippet: you want to configure yourself to receive as many reminders as possible. Because more callbacks means a higher callback rate and a higher callback rate leads to a higher probability of reserving work next summer!

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Student blog: Mask yourself!Student blog: Mask yourself!

Student Blogger: Blake Velick

Excerpt: According to a recent Broadway League announcement, all audiences, performers, crew members and theater staff should be vaccinated and the public should wear masks. I don’t mind at all as I recognize the benefits of keeping everyone healthy and safe in return for amazing theater.

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Student blog: Writing for changeStudent blog: Writing for change

Student blogger: Danielle Urban

Extract: I have always liked to write. I have written countless miniature stories and plays since I was nine years old. Naturally, when I got to college, I thought maybe writing was something I wanted to do, but I decided not to. I am fortunate that my theater has had the opportunity for students to write and direct their own one-act play. After performing in this show my first year, I knew I wanted to write one for my second year. So I got down to work and took a screenwriting class in the spring of my freshman year to help me out. With the help of my teacher, I was pushed to submit my screenplay to be staged, and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

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Student blog: Don't judge the creative processStudent blog: Don’t judge the creative process

Student blogger: Student blogger: Olivia Noel

Extract: If I had just given my room time to grow without rushing to do something, this process would have been much smoother. If you create something, it doesn’t always come to you right away, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come to you.

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Student blog: how to go back when you don't know howStudent blog: how to go back when you don’t know how

Student blogger: Melis Tavmergen

Extract: After a year and a half of living in my hometown, it is soon time to return to New York. I moved to New York in 2018, and lived there until the first months of the pandemic. So the question is, why do I feel more nervous about going back there than when I first left my hometown?

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