Stanton Bikes calls on administrators


Stanton Bikes is reported to have called the administrators.

As a brand with a committed fanbase, this will no doubt be a source of sadness for many, although the past few years have clearly been difficult for the Peak District company – as it has been for many in the industry. biking. The current economic downturn is only increasing the pressure on businesses, especially small businesses and independent businesses.

Efforts to bring bike building to the UK combined with supply chain issues have seen customers wait long periods for bikes. However, it appeared that these difficulties had been overcome and Stanton announced that they were “back on track”.

Dan had big ambitions for the company, hoping to bring manufacturing back to the UK, eliminating advance orders, model years and end-of-season sales. Instead, he hoped to bring greater durability and efficiency to bike building, building them to order and in small batches to meet customer requirements. Less waste, fewer unsold bikes at the end of a year, and far less global freight. Anyone who appreciates independent thinking and an effort to do good things will be saddened by this news.

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