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The Denver Broncos host the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. We caught up with Brad Weiss from Just Blog Baby to talk about the match, as well as other Raider developments…

The Denver Broncos will face the Las Vegas Raiders in their first division clash of the 2021 season on Sunday, this is the Raiders’ second such clash. There are several key developments ahead of this game.

For one thing, Las Vegas no longer has its head coach Jon Gruden, who stepped down after disgusting developments regarding the discovery of emails sent a decade ago.

The Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are both on a two-game losing streak. Getting back on track with a division victory will be crucial for either team. These are ultimately some of the most important games teams play.

Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders: Inside Scoop with Just Blog Baby

This game could very well be a must win for the Denver Broncos, as it’s obvious it’s tough for the team to get into a hot streak.

We get a glimpse of the Las Vegas Raiders ahead of the first Broncos-Raiders clash of the season, as Just Blog Baby’s Brad Weiss answers a few questions regarding both teams.

After starting the season 3-0, the Raiders have lost their last two games. What was the main cause of these losses?

BW: The biggest problem for the Raiders in their last two games has been offensive line play. It’s a group that’s downright stoned, and they recently moved 2021 first-round pick Alex Leatherwood inside right tackle to right guard. This allowed the team to throw Brandon Parker in Week 5, but the issues persisted, especially on the inside.

The Raiders have done a lot of great things this season, but the fact that the line struggled really affected both Derek Carr, as well as the running backs. Until they can finally have him up front, the Raiders won’t be able to do whatever they want to do on this side of the ball.

Falling behind every week doesn’t help at all, as they lost 14-0 on three occasions and 14-3 at halftime last week.

What can Denver Broncos fans expect from the Raiders in the season opener?

BW: It’s been a crazy week for the Raiders as their head coach Jon Gruden resigned after the horrific emails were posted. Las Vegas is still finding out on offense and has yet to really kick off the running game this season.

The Raiders will put the ball back in the hands of [quarterback Derek] Carr, and hopefully he can deliver some of the magic we’ve seen from him this season. In defense, you can expect good pressure from Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakoue, as well as solid linebacker play from Denzel Perryman. They are a tough and tough group, and they will play with a chip after Gruden’s problems.

What was the Raiders’ biggest surprise in 2021?

BW: The biggest surprise for the Raiders was the improvements to the defensive end of the ball. Gus Bradley has been a great addition and the team are playing better in defense than they have been in a long time.

Unfortunately, injuries have also been showing up in defense lately, as Trayvon Mullen and Damon Arnette went to the IR last week, so we’ll see if the secondary can take on the Broncos.

How will the Raiders react to Gruden’s resignation and can Rich Bisaccia get the job done?

BW: The noise around the building is that Rich Bisaccia is an incredible leader and someone who already has respect for the locker room. It’s going to be huge in this kind of situation, and based on the leadership in terms of the players, I think it’s the right combination to get through the whole Gruden fiasco.

Bisaccia may not have been a head coach at the NFL level, but he’s a veteran NFL coach, and I’m excited to see what he brings to the table.

Where do you think the Raiders might have an advantage over the Denver Broncos on Sunday and why?

BW: I think the Raiders’ pass rush is going to be able to reach Teddy Bridgewater early and often in this game. Yannick Ngakoue and Max Crosby are monsters coming out of the rim, while Quinton Jefferson and Solomon Thomas have been solid on the inside. If the Raiders can put some pressure on the quarterback, it will be a good game on Sunday, and the squad has been pretty consistent this year.

On offense, Darren Waller is basically out of control, so the Raiders need to find a way to give him the ball early and often.

Which Denver Broncos player in offense and defense are you most concerned about on Sunday?

BW: In attack, Javonte Williams. I actually cover the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for FanSided and got to see how good Javonte Williams was at UNC last season. This guy is just waiting to happen, and if he and Melvin Gordon do, it’ll open up Teddy Bridgewater and the multiple weapons the Broncos have on the outside in the passing game.

In defense, really the one who faces Brandon Parker on the right tackle. Parker and that Raiders offensive line face a tough unit in Denver, and Parker has shown he’s not always the most consistent offensive lineman. If I were the Broncos, I would give that side of the ball a boost throughout the game.

What do you think the final result of the Broncos-Raiders game will be?

BW: I was pretty confident the Raiders would win this game before all of the Gruden stuff fell, and now I don’t know how they’re going to react. This is a tight-knit group that will come together as a unit, but it’s just not right for your $ 100 million head coach to step down on a Monday night.

Las Vegas will stay close and could certainly take the win, but that is only if they can get started quickly. If they fall behind again it could be a third loss in a row, but I actually like that they win 24-21.

Thanks, Brad, for taking the time to discuss the game! The Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders meet at 4:25 ET Sunday.


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