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Sage Real Estate joined the growing number of real estate companies using new technology to manage COVID-19 precautions in its 3 million square foot office portfolio.

The company has installed sensors in its office buildings that allow tenants and management to track the building’s air quality and occupancy density, according to the property manager.

The William Kaufman Organizationowned company is also developing a platform with VTS climb – a real estate rental, marketing and technology platform, which allows a tenant to control their office remotely and track occupancy trend data – which will enable management to respond to tenant service requests and to conduct polls and surveys in real time.

On the terrace of 767 Third Avenue and the Sky Show To 437 Madison Avenue, Sage installed Density.IO sensors, which allow tenants to visualize the capacity of each space in real time. Sensors, located at the inputs and outputs, generate anonymous data that can be tracked by the program. It also alerts building management when occupancy exceeds a set limit.

Sage also installed Awair sensors in all halls of the property manager to monitor indoor air quality. The technology tracks temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, chemicals and particles to limit the risk of poor air quality.

Sage Realty’s use of real estate technology to protect against the coronavirus is nothing new. In fact, the adoption of new technologies to manage properties could have been spurred by the pandemic.

From software that makes it easier for tenants to navigate their buildings, to technology that helps keep common spaces clean, proptech has been a way of attract tenants and secure building employees and occupants. And business during the pandemic has been booming for proptech developers.

Sage manages several properties in New York, including 77, rue de l’Eau in the financial district and 437 Madison Avenue in the Plaza district, according to its website.

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