Revolve brand ambassador program extends e-commerce influencer marketing


LOS ANGELES: Revolve Group has launched a Brand Ambassador Program, empowering its customers to act as influencers and reap rewards for their engagement with brands and products.

In 2003, co-CEOs Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas founded the online clothing company that focuses on millennial and millennial consumers. The company was recognized in the media using the science of data in the fashion industry to manage supply and demand.

Today, the company is leveraging technology with another approach: opening an influencer program to promote products available on the Revolve website. In return, influencers can earn commissions, gain early access to brands, and participate in Revolve events.

To become a Brand Ambassador, applicants can register on the Revolve website. The company’s brand marketing division will select influencers to share the products offered by the retailer. Ambassadors will create personalized landing pages, which serve as virtual storefronts, where they can keep their favorite items. From these landing pages, they can connect to their social channels and generate income from sales.

In choosing influencers, Revolve will take into account the diversity and visual appeal of their platforms, audiences and engagement with subscribers.

Revolve will invite top sellers to create Revolve X capsule collections, ranked by tier based on the number of Instagram followers. Influencers will benefit from greater exposure using Revolve’s platform, while amplifying brands.

In a statement, Raissa Gerona, head of the Revolve brand, described the program as a new avenue for her community to exercise its power of influence.

The initial soft launch proved to be a success, attracting 3,000 ambassadors with a waiting list of 10,000 applicants, according to the company. Revolve also noted that the program has become a leading source for online traffic, increasing sales and providing insight with data on customers and brands.

In the third quarter, Revolve reported net sales of $ 244.1 million, an increase of 62% year-over-year. It has grown by 58% over two years compared to the third quarter of 2019, which predated the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Net profit fell 14% year-over-year to $ 16.7 million.


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