‘Pressure Handling’ and ‘Win Probability’ join Bundesliga Match Facts portfolio powered by AWS


The DFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced the all-new Bundesliga Match Facts (BMF) powered by AWS, which will debut on matchday eight. “Pressure Handling” highlights players who are particularly successful in freeing themselves from the pressure of their opponents. The “probability of victory” highlights when, as a result of a game event, a significant change occurs in a team’s chances of winning the game.

Pressure management: This new Match Fact highlights players who perform exceptionally well when under pressure from the opposing team. The central metric is the evasion rate, which highlights how often a player gets out of these high-pressure situations while keeping possession of the ball for their own team – including dribbling, passing, kicking goal kick or being awarded a free kick.

Win probability: This new Match Fact focuses on the noticeable fluctuations in a team’s chances of winning their respective match throughout the 90 minutes of play. The Match Fact is based on match action, including goal difference, time remaining and other relevant team stats. It uses several existing Bundesliga match facts such as expected goals, skill and set-piece threat of the live match, as well as statistics from previous matches. A graph alerts fans to significant changes in winning odds following important match events such as goals, sending offs or substitutions.

Since the beginning of 2020, the DFL and AWS have collaborated on many projects, including the use of data analytics. The partnership enabled the live processing of data into innovative statistics, resulting in Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS. They can help the public better understand the performance and game strategy of teams and offer deeper insights into the performance of their favorite players. Bundesliga match facts are made available on broadcasts, via Bundesliga platforms and channels, and on the Bundesliga app.

The DFL generates Bundesliga match facts by gathering and analyzing a total of 3.6 million data points from each game in real time and using a combination of AWS analytics and machine learning tools, as well as compute, storage, database and serverless services. The new stats bring the total number of Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS to 12, providing a comprehensive set of advanced real-time analytics. The two new Match Facts join Set Piece Threat, Skill, Most Pressed Player, Attacking Zones, Average Positions—Trends, Shot Efficiency, Passing Profile, Speed ​​Alert, Average Positions, and xGoals. Information on these statistics can be found in the BMF area on Bundesliga.com.


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