Paying Debts: It’s No Use Getting Away From Your Debts


Pay off debts or get out of debt ? Getting into debt has become a problem in every part of the world, in virtually every country including Brazil, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are dying and desperate for the debts that have settled into their lives. The worst of the debt is the shame and humiliation it undergoes the person, plus the worry and anguish of getting credit or loans to honor the outstanding commitments and also the debts due.

Fear of debt is also part of this process, many do not have the courage to look at the card’s own statement, hold the account to know how much you owe, do not answer the bell thinking that you are collector, the phone is always off and the phone from home lives off the hook, it’s no use getting away from your debts .

How long will you run away from your debts? Sorry to report, it will not go away or disappear if you hide. Not facing it will only make the debt grow larger. Debt bothers and torments the peace of any citizen, running away will only make matters worse.

Do not be afraid of your creditor or your debts , it was you who created them, so why not face it and solve the problem.

The first thing you need to understand is that your debt increases every day, even if you ignore it or run away from it.

Currently in Brazil, millions of people are indebted and thousands are surplus, they are not different from you who are indebted and reading this article – those who are in arrears generally do not have the money to pay the total debit balance, but, if if you renegotiate the debts, and if you pay smaller debts first, and you call the lender to negotiate the outstanding ones.

In recent months thousands of people have been hitting their debts with creditors thanks to the encouragement of the Serasa and SPC protection agencies.


Serasa promotes the Fair Name Fair for indebted people

Serasa promotes the Fair Name Fair for indebted people


Serasa Experian’s “Clean Name Online” Service

Due, it takes the name to the register of defaulters, restricts the credit in the square and in some cases the person can even lose his job, his assets (motorcycle, car, motorboat, etc.) and even his own house. In addition there may be unpleasant lawsuits, avoid this.

For the damages do not become even bigger, the tip is, face the debts and seek your creditors to settle the outstanding debts and clear the name with credit restriction. Get rid of the stress and embarrassment of not answering the phone thinking you are a collector.

Do not forget to know what your rights and duties are as a consumer, try to learn how to prevent yourself from getting back into debt again.


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