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Piqua’s quarterback was so good he pulled the drama out of the Indians’ opening playoff win over Little Miami. But could his, and their best, be yet to come?

Piqua, OH – If anyone had a better opening night in the 2021 OHSAA football playoffs, or know someone who had a better night than Piqua’s Brady Ouhl… raise your hand.

The Indians junior quarterback personally totaled 491 of his team’s 535 total yards, while the defense allowed just 220 yards, in a 49-7 loss to # 16 seed Little Miami. Ouhl had 123 rushing yards in just three carries and one touchdown… and 268 extra yards (18 of 20) and four passing touchdowns.

There weren’t that many people to see him in the steady, cold rain, which won’t please the OHSAA. This will also not justify the extension to 16 teams in each respective region this year. According to the actual tally, Little Miami brought in less than 75 people. Nonetheless, Ouhl probably didn’t care and then downplayed his accomplishment by saying, “Our coaches prepared us well.”

Well prepared? Come on man. Lamar Jackson is well prepared every week… and he’s not racking up 491 yards!

But as it was, can anyone name another ‘team’ more impressive Friday night than the Piqua Indians, now 10-0 on the season, seeded No. 1 in Region 8, Division II? And even against a # 16 seed, they left no doubt as to their worth as some say this team is more talented and athletic than 2006 Division II state champions Bill Nees with Brandon Saine. .

Mitigate a little?

Sure, but the numbers don’t lie. Piqua made a football game look like a track and field competition on Friday night with one big game after another. And more impressive still, they spread it.

Jasiah Medley rushed for 101 rushing yards, topped off by that 53-yard touchdown run in the opening play of the second half.

Ouhl had his big night, marked by a 63-yard touchdown run before half-time… and those four touchdown passes.

Featured running back Jasiah Medley added 101 rushing yards, highlighted by a 53-yard bolt for the end zone in the first game of the second-half scrum.

Receiver Elijah Frazier made two catches for two touchdowns, his longest 60 yards in the first quarter.

Receiver Corey Miller had five catches and one touchdown.

Ky Warner, Dre’Sean Roberts, Ryan Brown, Colton Beougher, Giovanni Baron… the list goes on and on.

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And what made it all relevant was… Little Miami was not a bad football team, more talented than a lot of No.16 seeds playing this weekend, and a team that had faced opponents from the conference like Kings, Turpin and Anderson during the regular game. season.

“They were a good football team,” Jasiah Medley said afterwards. “They hooked up with Anderson and carried this game into overtime.”

Elijah Frazier scored twice and hit that 60-yard touchdown in the first half.

Piqua came out hot, scoring at 7:24 of the first quarter on a 4-yard rush by Medley after a ten-play, 62-yard run.

The defense kept the Panthers penned, but Piqua’s offense had its problems after that first practice, with the Panthers keeping them out of the end zone on three possessions that followed. But you could feel the time bomb, and finally, with: 28 seconds left in the first quarter, Ouhl found Elijah Frazier spinning on the sideline and hit him perfectly in stride for a 60 touchdown. yards that put the Indians at 14-0 as the clock missed.

Little Miami still couldn’t move the ball, and at 7:28 second Colton Beougher scored on a 17-yard shot from Ouhl to bring the score to 21-0, as circumstances began to feel rout… 21 -0. But as the rain increased over Alexander Stadium, the Panthers drove the ball to Piqua’s 35-yard line and scored their only touchdown of the game on an optional half-back pass to Brayden Bischoff to carry the score at 21-7… and remind the Indians that Little Miami was, in fact, capable.

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But no sweat. Comfort, in fact, since the Indians and Ouhl immediately responded with a run around the right side for 63 yards and a 28-7 lead at halftime.

Comfort roughly described the Indians’ effort for the night, and as they stepped out for the third quarter, Nees urged them to get back to business. It only took one play for Jasiah Medley, as he smashed a tackle at the scrimmage line and rushed 53 yards through the defense for a touchdown and a 35-7 margin.

Colton Beougher scored on a 17-yard pass from Brady Ouhl in the second quarter.

At 4:16 Corey Miller caught a 20-yard pass from Ouhl and scored to make it 42-7… and a stopwatch.

Moments later, with: 51 seconds left in the third quarter, Elijah Frazier scored his second touchdown of the game to bring the score to 49-7 and cap the score for the night.

Indeed, they made him seem comfortable – veteran – like a seasoned team by the disappointing end of last year at the hands of the Anderson Redskins in the final 30 seconds.

“We knew they were better than a No. 16 seed because they play in a good conference,” added Brady Ouhl. “We’ve been focused all week and I think our coaches are the best prepared coaches you can find, and they’ve prepared us for anything they could throw at us.

“It helps when we have a lot of juniors and seniors who went through it last year. We lost to Anderson and prepared all winter for it, and we thought we could be back where we are now. Tonight was good because I hadn’t had a game this year that I thought I was up to my standards, so it felt good to finally come out.

Senior Jasiah Medley is the Miami Valley League’s first rusher with over 1,600 yards, and on Friday he gave plenty of proof that what you haven’t heard about him, in terms of the publicity, can hurt you. . Playing behind Ca’Ron Coleman last year, he’s a slasher and made Little Miami respect the full width of the pitch on Friday for his ability to run with power and speed, inside and out. He credits his great year and the Indian success… to hard work and anticipation.

“We work hard every day, Monday through Thursday,” he smiled after the game. “And we’re only missing a few people who graduated from last year. We were a young team last year, and now we are more experienced. We worked hard all winter and spring and always had that Anderson game in mind. We hope to replay them – to have a rematch. Tonight was a big game for us because they hung with Anderson, 43-42 in overtime. They were tough, but I just think we’re up to anything.

Of course, Bill Nees’ opinion counts above all, and 49 points against a team capable of fending off the best in their league – all the possibilities in Region 8 – obviously appealed to him.

“We’ve had a good week in training,” said Nees. “And there were a lot of film studies. But the point is, our players are really embracing this part. We have pre-practice, post-practice meetings, and they expect it. We’re only in the field for about an hour and fifteen minutes a day, and that’s how it is when you get to the eleventh or twelfth week.

Piqua’s Wyatt Dobbins drops water on Little Miami quarterback Aidan Jones.

What did he see in the preparation that favored the Indians?

“Their defensive line was a bit smaller than our offensive line,” said Nees. “And what really opened it up was Brady. When we brought him out on the perimeter, it opened up the rest. It’s a good offense for the fact that we can throw the ball too, and to keep things open that way too.

To live? It’s hard to imagine a more experienced team than Piqua on Friday night.

“We do, but we still have four sophomores playing for us regularly,” he adds. “We have six juniors who are big players. But our senior class is the guys who started three years ago. And we took a few pieces, especially when they were in second year, and now we’re accepting it in terms of preparation.

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“They were good (Little Miami). And we never judge. We never talk about who is good and who is not. We present the information and then we leave. We find out Friday night how fast, how good people are, and from there. “

They will find out next Friday how good and athletic Withrow is, the No. 8 seed (9-1) who knocked out Troy on Friday night, 29-7. And those questions throughout the season about the strength of the schedule and the challenges? There was no sign of concern from anyone on Friday.

Like the man said… they will find out how fast, how much, and go from there.

Other questions?

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