ON24 announces new innovations across its platform and the integration of HubSpot


ON24, a digital experience platform, announced its latest product innovations, which include new ways to deliver more engagement, first-party data, and personalization and ABM capabilities. Now sales and marketing teams can target individual buyers at specific businesses with personalized messages and digital experiences. Additionally, ON24 engagement and conversation data is now available in HubSpot.

New product features include:

  • A live engagement experience that enables organizations to conduct lively and lively discussions;
  • Improved breakout rooms that allow attendees to raise their hands, give marketers the ability to configure how names are displayed, enable recording and archiving of breakout discussions, and provide attendees with tools engagement on their mobile devices;
  • Expanded chat features that allow an unlimited number of participants to chat in digital experiences and send direct messages to each other;
  • Account-based personalization that uses first-party data and audience insights to personalize webinars, content hubs, and landing pages with dynamic greetings, targeted engagement, and custom branding;
  • Offer hybrid virtual conferences that allow the public to choose a virtual or physical event experience during registration; and
  • Reporting on ON24 Intelligence to give organizations more ways to track, analyze and report on engagement.

“From a single platform, you can now integrate all of these fractured experiences into a holistic journey for every buyer, every account, and every stage of the funnel,” said Sharat Sharan, co-founder and CEO of ON24, at of the company. Event Experience Webinar. “As your shopper moves through your continuum of digital experiences, you learn more about them. There are billions of data points across millions of interactions, survey responses, questions asked, resources downloaded and meetings booked. This is a rich resource of first-party data that you cannot get from any other sales and marketing channel. ON24 brings together all of this engagement data, providing a complete picture of your prospect’s buying journey, enabling marketing to provide a better and more personalized experience and sales to act on purchase intent.


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