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January 10, 2007, The News Journal

Christiana OK’s Huge Retail Plan

New Castle County officials on Tuesday approved a plan that will see a developer build approximately 1 million square feet of retail space near the Christiana Mall, ending a 10-year legal battle waged by Frank Acierno to launch the project.

The Christiana Fashion Center would be built along the southeast entrance road to the mall off Del. 1. The multi-story building – which will rival the mall in square footage – would be located across from Pier 1 Imports and Dick’s Sporting Goods….

Acierno filed an application with the county in 1997 for the construction of the mall. It encountered setbacks in 2002 when former Secretary of State at the Department of Transportation, Nathan Hayward III, opted out of the agreements to improve roads around the mall, saying the department did not have the money and that further development would aggravate trafficking.

Without the state-promised road improvements, the county has refused to give the green light for development. Acierno ultimately sued the county and state, alleging in part that the governments had not acted in good faith.

County and state officials said Tuesday the lawsuits have been settled. DelDOT will modernize the interchange, and Acierno has received the necessary documents to move forward on the shopping center….

LATEST NEWS FROM THE SHOPPING CENTER:More stores and restaurants arrive at Christiana Mall during the holiday shopping season

The introduction of the iPhone puts Apple on a new path

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs made the company’s long-awaited leap into the mobile phone business on Tuesday and renamed the company “Apple Inc. to reflect its growing interest in consumer electronics.”

The iPhone, which starts at $ 499, is controlled by a flat touchscreen, plays music, surfs the Internet, and runs the Macintosh computer’s operating system.

Jobs has said he will “reinvent” the telecommunications industry and “leapfrog” the current generation of smartphones.

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” he said at the Macworld conference and exhibition….

IPhone automatically syncs movies, music, and photos through iTunes Music Store. The device also synchronizes the content of emails, web bookmarks and almost any type of digital content on your computer….

January 12, 1935, Journal – Every evening

Amelia Earhart flies over California after crossing the Pacific

Mackay Radio reported today that Amelia Earhart was flying over Santa Cruz, Calif. At 10:49 a.m. on her flight from Hawaii to Oakland which she started at 10:15 a.m. last night.

Quickly approaching her goal, Earhart, the first woman to attempt a solo trans-Pacific flight, rushed to Oakland Airport today. The man who plotted her dangerous 2,408 mile course estimated that she would arrive around 11:18 am from Honolulu….

Front page of the Journal - Every evening of January 12, 1935.

“Everything’s fine,” came a cheerful message from the red and gold monoplane, flown by the same intrepid pilot who crossed the Atlantic twice, once in a daring solo flight…

Crowds have started to gather at the airport and additional attendants are on duty to prevent spectators from reaching the airstrip….

January 13, 1964, Wilmington Morning News

Battle fired in the wake of the smoldering report

The forces to do something now and the more needed research camp drew battle lines yesterday in the wake of Saturday’s report calling heavy cigarette smoking a serious threat to life and health.

Which side will prevail – and with what degree of determination – almost certainly depends on the reaction of the still uncrystallized public to the call of a blue ribbon science panel for “appropriate corrective action.”

Front page of the Wilmington Morning News, January 13, 1964.

The 10-man jury found excessive smoking to be the leading cause of lung cancer and a major cause of laryngeal cancer. He found some association between smoking and heart and vascular disease and many other ailments, but claimed no causal relationship there….

No one has called for a blanket smoking ban, but many anti-smoking spokespersons have said the government, by law or by executive order, should require that cigarette packages carry health hazard warnings and that the publicity be amended in the light of the expert group report….

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January 14, 1999, The News Journal

Michael Jordan, the world’s most famous athlete, calls for a stop

Michael Jordan thought about reducing the whole thing to just two words: “I’m gone.”

It would have worked. After all, he marked his return with a two-word fax: “I’m back.

But this opportunity demanded more – and Jordan knew it.

Page C1 of the News Journal of January 14, 1999.

So, with his wife by his side and in the arena where he worked his magic, he almost cried and seemed almost satisfied as he declared himself a Chicago Bulls retiree – leaving himself the smallest of outs.

“Mentally, I’m exhausted. I don’t feel like I have a challenge. Physically, I feel good, ”Jordan, 35, said at a busy press conference at the United Center. “This is the perfect time for me to step away from the game.”

By doing so for the second time in five years, the greatest player in the NBA ended his 13-year career with six championships, five MVP awards, 10 goalscoring titles and unrivaled worldwide fame….

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