‘Never Make Another Game’: GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Redditor Has Hilarious Problem While Landing From Helicopter


The controversy surrounding GTA Vice City Definitive Edition continues, with more players finding new bugs every day. Social networks and game pages are full of these hilarious bugs and player reactions. Releasing GTA Vice City Definitive Edition has been quite difficult for Rockstar Games, and they are still working to fix bugs and glitches.

GTA’s Reddit page recently started seeing a wave of clips and videos of the game’s bugs, and most of them are pretty hilarious. One of these clips was uploaded by u / Mobius1014. He was trying to land a helicopter on a small piece of land in the middle of the stream. The water jet appeared to have moved away due to the wind blowing off the helicopter’s blades. When u / Mobius1014 tried to land the helicopter, it fell into the water and got lost.

Helicopter glitch in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition leaves Reddit community in two

This clip is one of several fun videos players upload to the official GTA Reddit page. With the release of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, fans don’t care about the bugs and glitches in the game. The clip uploaded by u / Mobius1014 was captioned: “Please never do another game, groves street games, please. With Rockstar Games giving the responsibility of remastering their classic games to a new studio, many fans are very upset that they didn’t make the final edits themselves.

There are a lot of funny comments on the clip from users who noticed the bugs in the games. One of those comments was from u / ChrisMartins001, who mocked the clip and mentioned that the original poster landed his helicopter on Quick Sand. The quicksand theory resonated with the community and received 459 upvotes and seven responses.

A comment from another user, u / LjAnimalchin, was that Grove Street games hadn’t even made the Definitive Edition of GTA Vice City. They just broke it. This comment was a hit with the community and received 299 upvotes and 18 responses.

A comment from u / czax125 responded to the previous comment saying, “They just imported it into unreal, put it through a smoothing algorithm and you’re done!”

u / juniorjaw humorously responded to the previous comment, stating that the game looks good on him.

It is very likely that such funny glitches will appear on Reddit until the Definitive Edition of GTA Vice City is completely fixed. Many gamers are angry with Rockstar for charging them for such a broken game.

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