Musicians Earned $9.9 Million From Bandzoogle-Powered Websites


via Stacey Bedford of Bandzoogle

Music website platform Bandzoogle has announced that in 2021, musicians made over $9.9 million in commission-free revenue using the platform’s direct-to-fan tools.

“Musicians continued to show resilience in the face of uncertain times throughout the past year,” says Stacey Bedford, CEO of Bandzoogle. “With online sales of music and merchandise, many independent artists continue to make these mutually rewarding connections with their fans.”

Breaking down the numbers, musicians have sold over $6.4 million worth of music products, including clothing, CDs and vinyl. Digital music also continued to generate strong revenue, with $637,500 in commission-free sales in 2021.

“Seeing musicians selling t-shirts, albums, digital files and more in huge numbers, all commission-free, is heartwarming and suggests that fans are looking more than ever to support their favorite artists,” said Bedford.

Digital product sales and ticket sales also proved successful for artists using Bandzoogle in 2021, bringing in $877,000 and $831,250, respectively.

One of the top selling Bandzoogle members in 2021, Adam Ezra Group has generated over $200,000 in commission-free revenue on its website from ticket sales, donations during live streams, and merchandise sales.

Stacey Bedford

“As an underground indie band, connecting with our fans is paramount. Whether it’s selling merchandise, airing non-traditional shows, live streaming, our membership program, or creating events specials, we like to do everything our unique way. said Adam Ezra. “Bandzoogle continues to prove they are a committed partner to empowering us on our own terms, helping us follow through on every crazy idea we come up with and never take a cut. Without a doubt, they have helped change my trajectory as an artist.

With fan engagement being a core strategy for some musicians to make money from online music, the built-in fan subscription feature was another major revenue stream for many artists, generating $545,000 in income.

And the virtual tip jar was another popular way for fans to support their favorite artists, with just under $500,000 in donations going directly to artists through their website tip jars.

Now in its 19th year of operation, fiercely independent Bandzoogle powers more than 60,000 websites for musicians, which have sold over $89 million worth of music and merchandise, commission-free, through the platform.

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