Meet Jordan Franze: A Millennial Entrepreneur Entering Super Niche Digital Sales Segment


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Founder and owner of several businesses, Jordan Franze is taking giant strides to help his clients achieve desired results.

Have you ever wondered what a business would feel like when a customer browses and surfs a product or brand on online portals, but doesn’t buy the same for them. Wouldn’t that be heartbreaking for business owners? Well, this is how the business works, millions of visits to the website and other online platforms do not guarantee revenue generation and in the end only a few of them convert. in sales. But what if we say that there are different and unique methodologies that help these brands and businesses get results on the web. Well, the digital sector has seen a great level of growth and advancement due to advanced technologies and high demands of consumers. With endless competition, companies must be ultra-smart to position their brand well and create special visibility with their target customers. While this cannot be done most of the time by the business owners themselves, they hire special agencies that help them meet the needs of their targeted clients and help them achieve the desired results. We came across an agency and such professional who have generated tremendous growth and profitability for their digital clients, Jordan Franze from Adelaide, Australia.

Having established himself as a leading professional in the digital world, Jordan is a millennial entrepreneur growing in the current golden age of the generation. Its unique services and solutions have made it a number one choice among customers. He has helped over thousands of brands and businesses build a solid foundation on the web by building numerous digital sales funnels and using strategic methods such as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). One of his Kaizen Conversion companies has used these tools and methods to reap rewards for their customers by creating sales funnels and landing pages for high converting brands. They also use data-driven analytics, post-click optimization, marketing automation, advanced user behavior analysis, and other methods to help the brand convert the most curious clicks into customers. paying.

Today Jordan and his company have been instrumental in delivering 6 and 7 figure results for their brands and businesses, making 300% more revenue. Some of their elite clientele include the names of Groupon, Bodytrim, Leadpages and Appster. But this was not all a walk in the park for Jordan, being extremely passionate and driven into the corporate world was something he always wanted to explore from his childhood. Having worked in different fields in all industries, he has developed his panache by working diligently on his skills and expertise. Started his journey from elementary school, he started by selling homemade widgets. At age 14, Jordan launched his first business in the server hosting market, which sold in less than a year for $ 4,000. At 16, Jordan became the # 1 and youngest salesperson by turnover and profit in a commercial IT company. Making amends in the online industry, he started his eBay store by selling software that also did website design. Finally, after many failures and methods of tracking and errors, he stepped into the digital sector where he helped his brands and clients improve their digital efficiency and revenue strategy.

By constantly raising the bar of performance and evolving and learning all the time, Jordan wants to grow further in the digital arena by helping his clients achieve more profitability. You can get in touch with Jordan through his website.

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