McAllen Valley Roofing Co. partners with Solur and adds solar options to its service portfolio


McAllen Valley Roofing Co. partners with Solur.

This is a substantial breakthrough for the roofing and solar energy industry that gives people a real opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while putting a good roof over their heads without changing their lives. financially”

When it comes to one’s home, one would rather pay a loan to increase the value of the home than pay an energy company for the rest of one’s life that brings no real value to an owner other than the simple electricity.

Even at that, it becomes a common frustration among people to experience constant power outages, high electricity bills, and network outages. The problems concern today’s means of supplying a house with electricity, but not those of tomorrow. Energy can be stored in batteries for future use in remote controls, appliances, toys, cars and more. Why not your house? This has been a new consideration among residential and commercial rooftop customers looking for new ways to improve their energy options that don’t rely on traditional power solutions.

McAllen Valley Roofing Co. offers this same solution, now entering the solar market with local solar installation company Solur as a partner. Customers interested in a solar solution should look no further as McAllen Valley Roofing Co. offers a variety of financing options that leave homeowners alone. Whether it’s direct reimbursement, home insurance, traditional loans, or even new roof and solar financing options, McAllen Valley Roofing Co. takes care of all the worries and leaves the power of the sun in between. your hands.

There are several key factors in their new fundraising program that allows everyone to take a step towards a better future:

  • No down payment required and no upfront cost
  • 30-year durability guarantee on labor and roofing materials for each system.
  • Roof and solar installation as low as what you pay on a monthly electric bill
  • 580 Minimum Credit Score to acquire the loan

People who enter the program will receive a custom-made solar system. No system will be remotely identical as it is based on your energy usage and will only see a small increase of $10-$30 per month more than its current electricity bill. Customers can receive a 26% federal tax credit for the full amount of the loan, including the roof.

“This is a substantial breakthrough for the roofing and solar energy industry that gives people a real opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while putting a good roof over their heads without changing their life financially,” said Brian McSteen, managing partner. “This massive news and it’s a win for the Earth and a win for the Owner.”

Homeowners are increasingly aware of how their daily habits create a carbon footprint on Earth, especially energy consumption.

According to the Energy Information Administration, 79% of the energy produced in the United States comes from non-renewable fossil fuels. As a result, the need for alternative methods is growing, with an 11% increase in 2020 alone.

Customers are also concerned about the associated rising energy costs, creating a situation where residents receive bills but lack quality energy service. Once the cost of a solar panel solution is weighed against today’s bills, it’s no wonder more and more customers are choosing solar power as their future. Make it yours too.

Realizing that solar power is the future by partnering with Solur, the team at McAllen Valley Roofing Co. is constantly adapting and adapting to customer demand. With a highly skilled and licensed team of professional roofers specializing in residential and commercial roofing, the team continues to deliver quality service and cutting-edge roofing solutions that work.

For more information about Solur and its solar installation services, visit the website at

For more information about McAllen Valley Roofing Co. and the new solar roofing financing program, visit the website at

To learn more about your home’s carbon footprint, check out the EPA’s Carbon Footprint Calculator

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