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Alex malcolm: We are only halfway through the second day, but the English fans have a sixth idea of ​​the direction it could take. Andrew Miller and Andrew McGlashan have seen more horror shows in England than most. Gentlemen, where does this rank so far?

Andrew Miller: There is nothing I prefer to nostalgia for at 3:50 am. It’s already one of the most cliché meltdowns I’ve ever seen. And like most of the best of them, it actually started with hope.

Andrew McGlashan: Shouldn’t I be watching the great days of Australian cricket Ashes … you know, given my current role.

Alex malcolm: It’s my job.

Andrew Miller: Where’s the fun in that?

Andrew McGlashan: Hard to beat Nasser’s day at Gabba … Australia 364 for 2. It has similar feelings to the way Warner and Labuschagne are going.

Andrew Miller: Two memories come to mind instantly. The Nasser Test in 2002-03, with Simon Jones’ horror wound condemning the remainder of the attack to death by Hayden and Ponting, and the Waca Test in 1994-95, when Devon Malcolm cast an all-out spell. as fierce as Mark Wood’s today, and even broke Michael Slater’s thumb. But he finished with numbers 2 for 198, including four kicked knockdowns, after Graham Thorpe dropped another slip catcher. Add some DRS fun and games, and we’re back in Adelaide 2013-14 as well. Even until the demolition of the first ball in an England first game …

Andrew McGlashan: Without wanting to just copy and paste your track from yesterday, Andrew, Gabba 1994-95 was also brutal, especially given the pace of scoring in what was typically a much slower era of Test cricket. Of course, Michael Slater helped change all of that.

Andrew Miller: Stokes, of course, being the pitcher whose first wicket was knocked down by a late detected no-ball.

Andrew McGlashanWhat is the better statistic: The combined age of the Gooch-Gatting wicket to remove Slater, or the combined Test wickets England left out in that Anderson v Broad game?

Andrew Miller: Gabba 1994-95 might turn out to be very similar to this one, in that England briefly thought they might get away with it, after Taylor decided not to impose the sequel. Less luck of this kind of hello with them in third this time, but there is still rain …

Alex malcolm: Old Trafford 2019 anyone?

Andrew Miller: Old Trafford 2019? Was there even an Old Trafford Test that year? I thought the show ended at Headingley …

Andrew McGlashan: Yes, 2019 certainly has parallels without a balloon given that Jack Leach overtook Steve Smith, although it felt a bit more like an Australian one-man show

Andrew Miller: I can see the logic in the rest of these two. But even had one of them been selected, Root surely would have felt better equipped to go bowling first, which could have given England a hold on their toes. At least they wouldn’t be all-out yet!

Andrew McGlashan: Australia couldn’t believe its luck

Andrew Miller: There is another parallel to consider, mind you. Gabba’s test in 2010-11 didn’t start off very well for England either. No matter what that desperate first day was, there was the little affair of a 300-race stand between Mike Hussey and Brad Haddin on days two and three. But in the midst of that partnership, James Anderson cast one of the best no-wicket spells I’ve ever watched. It was a sign that they had the tools if they could get the chance … But somehow I don’t see Hameed, Burns and Malan doing a Strauss, Cook and Trott .. .

Andrew McGlashan: Yes, although it was one of England’s great batting orders. Meanwhile, Jack Leach has left for six more.

Andrew Miller: Ooh look, six more off Leach. They also had one of their great spinners on this trip …

Andrew McGlashan: It’s very Ashley Giles 2006-07 right now

Alex malcolm: Maybe it’s time for another coffee, gentlemen

Andrew Miller: Oh my god, don’t even get me started on this abandoned capture …

Marnus Labuschagne sliced ​​Jack Leach to point back to give England a breakthrough.

Andrew Miller: A ticket office! It’s on!

Andrew McGlashan: I am ! I knew Leach was the man

Alex malcolm: Well played guys. Thank you for your time.


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