Live Doppler 13 weather blog: cooler, wetter setup develops this week


High temperatures in the 1950s with heavy rains are possible from Wednesday to Thursday.

On Sunday, high temperatures were close to 90 ° over much of central Indiana, which was closer to the daily record (93 °) than the average (77 °).

Prepare for the “temperature pendulum” to swing in the much cooler direction from Wednesday to Thursday to open astronomical fall.

However, before we get to the colder side of an autumn front, we’ll be sweating through an oppressive “heavy meter” with dew points near 70 °.

Plan a wet ride on Monday morning, as the humid air combines with a disturbance to create widespread rains and encrusted thunderstorms.

The rain can persist into the afternoon before dispersing. Additional storms arrive along the cold front on Tuesday, and these could also locally produce heavy precipitation.

The updated forecast continues to support the idea that low pressure is developing along this front on Tuesday evening, causing it to slow down near the Ohio River and act as a conveyor belt for a band of rain concentrated around Indiana. /Ohio.

Constant rain falling through the colder air mass of the cold core low would keep temperatures in the 1950s for highs Wednesday afternoon and possibly again Thursday.

There is growing confidence in widespread rainfall of 2 to 5 inches over the next four days in central Indiana. We will be fine-tuning the potential of the heaviest area in the coming days.

The time we have after the start of the cold depression will be nothing short of spectacular. Sunshine, cool mornings and balmy afternoons don’t improve for the forecast from Friday until next weekend.


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