Live COVID updates: Queensland hits first-dose vaccination rate of 70pc as ACT closes at 98pc


More information on boosters?

Any information available on how to book a booster for immunocompromised people?

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Afternoon, not boosted.

The short answer is: if you are eligible, talk to your doctor to make an appointment.

Now for a longer answer ….

As you mentioned, ATAGI has recommended a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine for people who are severely immunocompromised, and they will be offered to eligible people starting this week (you can read more about this here).

On 500,000 people will qualify for a third dose under the tips, including:

  • people with malignant cancers
  • organ transplants
  • stem cell transplants
  • people on therapies that weaken the immune system or taking certain steroids
  • people born with immunodeficiencies

How do you book?

Speaking on Friday, Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said he was writing to “all doctors” to clarify the change, adding that those considered eligible should “have a discussion with their doctor as soon as possible and book for a third dose “.

“So there are people, of course, who have had transplants who have drugs to weaken their immune systems. But there are others on certain types of arthritis drugs and steroids, for example. “, did he declare.

“Those who are born with an immunodeficiency, there is a group of people as well as people living with HIV who are not being controlled on treatment. Thus, their CD4 count is low.

“So, for people in those settings, I certainly encourage them to have a discussion with their doctor as soon as possible and to reserve for a third dose.”


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