Latest blog update: High temperatures, but changes are pushing back. -Doug

Good temperatures, but the changes are pushing back. -Doug

Good Monday evening or early Tuesday morning! Hope you had a good weekend! The weather was fantastic. Almost perfect like the fall weather. The weird thing about this area is that it never lasts long here, lol. We have a chance of rain back in the forecast and in fact summer will try to make a comeback later this week. At least in general, the next few days are looking pretty good. We will see a few scattered showers, but the temperatures are superb. An almost freezing start to the day on Tuesday.

But again, we will see some nice temperatures during the afternoon. Chances of rain are caused by an upper level low spinning just to the SE of the region. It gets a little closer to us the next two days giving us a few scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Higher levels

You can see the rotation just SE near Memphis. Thus during the afternoon, a few thunderstorms appear which will be very scattered.


Expect the same on Wednesday. High temperatures, but scattered storms in PM appear.


Temperatures are really warming up later this week. Back around 90 on the weekend if you can believe it. We have a chance of a thunderstorm by the second half of the weekend. I’m really going to dig into the new Heady Pattern this week and we’ll take a look into the future.



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