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In recent years, Amazon has strived to create a more personalized connection between buyers and brands. Features like A + Content, Amazon Live, Amazon Stores, and Amazon Posts give shoppers the ability to rate brands alongside products when making purchasing decisions.

Continuing this initiative, buyers now also have the ability to “follow” specific brands on Amazon.

What happens when someone follows a brand?

When someone follows a brand, they choose to receive notifications from the brand. These notifications can include whenever the brand launches a new product on Amazon, releases a new Amazon post, starts a live stream, or runs an exclusive promotion.

On the brand side, these communications are managed through the Manage your customer engagement tooland Amazon Posts.

How to follow someone on Amazon

To follow a brand on Amazon, search for its brand name in the search bar, click on one of its product details pages, then click “Visit Storefront.” Once on their Amazon Store, simply click on the “Follow Button”.

How to find who you follow on Amazon

If you ever want to review the brands you are currently following, just go to Your account> Profile. On your profile page, you will see a “Who You Follow” section.

Requirements to activate the tracking option

Your brand must be registered in Amazon Trademark Registry, which requires an active American brand. Once you are registered, you have the option to create Amazon stores. When you create an Amazon store, you automatically get a “Follow” option to display on your storefront.

What results can you expect from Amazon subscribers?

When Amazon launched the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool, Kaspien ran a month-long test to promote a new product for one of our partners. At the time, our partner had 1,700 subscribers.

Campaign results

  • 29% sales increase for ASIN while campaign is running (manually tracked. Amazon is not currently reporting increased sales in the tool.)
  • Range: 545
  • Open rate: 21.47%
  • Click-through rate: 0.92%
  • Clicks: 5
  • Unsubscribes: 1

It’s worth noting that the campaign only saw 5 clicks, but we still saw a big increase in sales, which suggests that some buyers may check the email and then search for the product at a later date. . In addition, any increase in sales brought about by this campaign has helped improve product rankings, also increasing organic traffic and sales.

7 Ways to Earn Amazon Storefront Subscribers

Gaining followers on Amazon can clearly be beneficial. So what can you do to actively encourage more people to follow your brand?

1 – Amazon showcase

Amazon brand storesoffer a digital showcase organized and removed from the competition. Stores now display a Follow option in the navigation bar on the left side of the navigation bar.

To encourage more subscribers to your store, you can upload a custom image in a module with a call to action; however, this space may have better uses. In general, Amazon stores can be thought of as the landing page, rather than the ad itself. The Brand Store must be optimized to welcome, engage and convert buyers. To increase the number of subscribers, you should take advantage of other programs, such as Amazon Live.

2 – Amazon live

Amazon liveis a free, self-service live streaming platform on Amazon. Registered brands and their authorized agents may broadcast live broadcasts from the brand channel. These live streams may appear in brand listings, the Brand Store, competitor listings, the Live Now line on the Amazon Live page, product category pages, and the Amazon home page.

Not all of these locations are immediately available; brands need to “improve” their Amazon Live rankings to unlock high-visibility placements. To take it to the next level, brands need to live stream regularly, have an engaged audience, drive sales with live broadcasts, and seek approval.

To gain followers through Amazon Live, make “follow our brand” a recurring call to action throughout the live stream. You should also have a team member monitor the live chat while the speaker presents, and they can also answer questions and encourage buyers to follow along. This strategy works best when you can also offer exclusive discounts to buyers who follow your brand, for example by offering a unique promo code for that audience.

3 – Messages from Amazon

Amazon Postsare an Instagram-like feed that appears in your Brand Store, product listings, competitor product listings, related post feeds, and category-based feeds. Your message flow may not appear until you post 10 messages.

Amazon posts include brand name and logo, image, ‘view product’ button, caption, and tags, which are automatically generated by Amazon.

To gain followers with Amazon Posts, be sure to include the follow button on your posts. You can also encourage buyers to follow your brand in the caption. Similar to Amazon Live, the promise of exclusive discounts is a great strategy for gaining followers. Plus, don’t be afraid to have a strong brand personality in your posts. Linking emotion to marketingmakes your content more engaging.

4 – Multimedia gallery or A + content

By venturing into a more creative tactic, you can add an infographic style image to your ad. Media gallerythat encourages buyers to follow your brand. This image can highlight the benefits of following, such as being the first to hear about new product launches, exclusive offers and promotions.

If your product needs every image in the media gallery in order to showcase its full functionality, you can instead promote the follow option in your A + content. Buyers who read A + content do so because they still need more information before making a buying decision. Showing them that you have something akin to a loyalty program can help convince them.

5 – Sponsored brand announcements

Stay on Amazon for another tip, just using Sponsored brand announcementscan support subscriber growth. Sponsored brand ads can be directed to your Amazon storefront. Once there, buyers will see the follow button. This may be an indirect tactic, but more traffic will likely correlate with more subscribers, and sponsored brand ads drive extra sales anyway, so it’s a win regardless.

6 – Social media posts

Beyond Amazon, we have also had success in promoting the tracking option through social media. In the campaign results we shared above, the brand encouraged their social media followers to follow their brand on Amazon as well. Using social media to promote Amazon salesis a simple tactic, but it’s free and it works.

7 – Influencers

Last but not least, let’s turn our attention to influencer marketing. Influencers have been used to promote products on Amazon for many years now as they help brands reach highly relevant audiences, build trust and increase SEO traffic. It’s a simple step to require your influencers to encourage their followers to follow your Amazon storefront in one of their sponsored posts.

While you can’t directly attribute subscriber growth because Amazon keeps subscriber information anonymous and aggregated, you can monitor correlations between an influencer post and an increase in subscriber count.

Learn more about Amazon’s marketing strategies

So that’s it. Seven tips for growing your followers on Amazon. If you’ve found this useful, consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with the latest Amazon news and strategies.

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