Jeremy Vine Offers ‘Road Tax’ Tuition + More On Live Blog


You’ve probably already heard of the upcoming changes to the highway code. In short, the updated edition to be released in the fall will introduce a hierarchy of road users, meaning that those who have the potential to endanger others the most will be seen as having greater responsibility. towards the most vulnerable. Radical, I know …

In addition to this, motorists should also be subject to advice on passing distances and safe speeds when passing riders. Cyclists will also have right of way at intersections when going straight.

It was as well received as you might expect by the kind of people who like to play anti-cycle bingo in their spare time.

Susie, for example, shared a photo of some of the letters in a local newspaper. Topics covered included: red lights, ignoring pedestrian crossings, cycling on the roadway, ignoring one-way signs, two-way driving, insurance, commuters causing traffic jams, traffic signs, ‘registration of bikes, hi-vis clothing and headphones … in other words, the full set.

Our old friend Jeremy Vine spotted Susie’s assessment of the situation and came up with a smart idea … a new tax for all road users. How could this work?

Here is the infamous Surrey Roads Police Unit Administrator for his take on the whole ‘road tax’ kerfuffle …


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