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GUEST NOTE: Electronic Direct Mail (EDM/eDM) is Most Popular iTWire lead generation tool. While other marketing tools are a key contributor, EDM does the heavy lifting for many ad campaigns that can drive 90% of leads and, in our experience, 190-350 clicks.

More importantly, the EDM is the style/template guide for the rest of your ads. Once you have the EDM chart, the other ads will expand easily.

Your EDM and supporting ads must include:

  1. catchy title
  2. Statement in support of the title via a clear value proposition
  3. List of compelling points/reasons to support the value proposition
  4. Call to action to encourage click to landing page

The iTWire The newsletter has the main EDM ad (also known as the marquee) and five supporting ads because we follow Google’s “repeat rule” – where the reader sees the ad and then sees it again towards the goal that the ad reader/viewer asks themselves what this ad is about and clicks on it.

Promote your story

Key Components of GED

  1. Header and graphics colors should be eye-catching and visually pleasing, so the reader will pause and read your message. PAIDA = visually pleasing, attention grabbing, interest(ing) capturing, desire creation and forced action.
  2. If you want a border around the EDM, think of it as a thin, pale line, perhaps in a complementary color or a color used in the EDM.
  3. If you want a white EDM instead, I suggest a very pale off-white. Outside of the EDM, the border can be white or a darker color.
  4. A photo of the speaker or expert with a very brief profile can be helpful. If multiple speakers, it’s ok and maybe photos on the right side. Many eDMs from major vendors have photos of random people (not even their employees) and overused familiar images in advertising and websites. Therefore, I suggest you have real people, and even better, their best people, experts/gurus. The benefit of expert photos is a well-known marketing fact, as they come with high credibility. Credibility helps your EDM’s click-through rate. If they’ve written a book or white paper, or spoken at a major conference, then play it in the EDM.
  5. If your company/customer is well known, place the nice and BIG logo at the top of the EDM. Typically, 90% of the time, for non-global vendors, have the logo in the bottom right corner below the button. The best The EDMs are not marked with any logo – see IBM Mobile Threads EDM in the attachments pages of this document with the green Android.
  6. Headings in bold in the EDM of key messages and points.
  7. Don’t use a bland, boring font and make sure it’s not too small. Avoid using a small black email-style font like something you just typed on a laptop, like a memo.
  8. Some bright colors are great.
  9. The headline should be a very compelling message that compels the reader to read and act (compelling reason, then compelled to act and click).
  10. Desire for action = What they will learn. Deliver a great message. Try using We’re exploring…rather than You’ll learn what innuendo they need to learn or may need clarification, which may put them offside.
  11. MORE DETAILS or HOW TO SIGN UP: This can be included as a label in the button. Use a LARGE LARGE button.
  12. The agenda with times can be on the EDM in fine print as it is a static document that they can read the fine print from. This means people can attend whatever session they want – a great idea for busy or indecisive people, or people who aren’t totally convinced to attend the whole event.
  13. After testing the RECORD BUTTON or DOWNLOAD BUTTON, I think the buttons come out well in red, blue, green, and purple. I have some good examples in the last two pages.
  14. The participant should receive a call after registration and a follow-up text message before and on the day, as this service. Only one in 50 customers does this SMS tracking as a service. I offered but the offer is never accepted. Why not? I think it’s because they’re too “confident” in their graphics and speakers.
  15. It’s good to have two links to the EDM, but no more. REGISTER at the top and also REGISTER near the bottom. Must be a flat file so anywhere on the EDM is clickable. Not having (on an EDM) a lot of links like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, contacts to the site, link to the speaker’s profile on the net. Customers have up to 10 links and those customers are the ones that won’t move. The links should all go to the registration page, download or register. Readers should not be diverted from the main purpose of EDM.
  16. Never have a link to anything other than the registration/registration page. For example, don’t link to an article. It’s best to send all leads to an iTWire page designed specifically for you. This way we can manage the campaign more efficiently and take responsibility for the results.
  17. It is best to review the campaign with a iTWire B2B strategist.
  18. Campaign objectives should be clear – Develop a message for your designers – Remember it’s your job! – You develop the ideas and they draw the pictures.
  19. What are you selling? Campaign objectives should be discussed in advance with an iTWire B2B digital strategist before artwork is prepared.
  20. EDM shouldn’t be left to the graphic designer, as it’s more than just graphics. An EDM is a sales pitch that creates a compelling reason upon a compelling reason to TAKE ACTION. That’s not to say graphic designers can’t sell and advertise, but just be careful not to assume or expect them to have that skill.
  21. Don’t do ONE single EDM flight/send if you can help it. It is better to have TWO eDM flights, with supporting banners and especially site pilots.
  22. The EDM should have all the information a Landing Page would normally have. Then they click through to go straight to an attractive landing page where there are minimal details to fill in (most customers/vendors have an uninformative GED and an extremely complex landing page). Indeed, they will have less patience once on the landing page because it is a 2nd stage of the process.
  23. Registrants (interested prospects) receive a registration package of something in order to establish contact.
  24. You need an ASSET to give away, such as a downloaded white paper, a free product trial, or an invitation to attend an event. EDMs can be a waste of money if this is not done. It’s a MUST.
  25. To support a campaign, each seller in your organization must invite 20 of their contacts. Also, a mailing to your database of existing customers as they may attend or send a colleague of theirs. The iTWire EDM campaign can then support these activities and build up your campaign numbers. EDM doesn’t have to be your whole lead generation strategy because EDM is the icing on the cake, new contacts and new customers.
  26. Don’t give your leads to new or bad sellers, but rather to your best sellers. Don’t let your important investment rest on poor performance. Remember you will be the one to be held responsible and not the sellers because their get out of jail card is that they are bad leads (I don’t mean to sound harsh but there’s only one letter to differentiate the closest to the loser). Regardless of the experience level of your salespeople, you MUST have weekly progress reviews over coffee, so it’s informal and non-confrontational. Give them 5-10 leads per week.
  27. Send registrants something immediately after registration and send them something of value, mention that they may be invited to a VIP event in the future, and that a representative from your company may contact the base to verify the white paper, download, webinar or event.

A well-planned EDM campaign will reap 10x more business opportunities/leads than most digital marketing campaigns.

Wishing you the best of success with your EDMs and lead generation – creating automatic lead generation. any questions please let me know – [email protected]

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Marketing budgets are now focused on webinars combined with lead generation.

If you want to promote a webinar, we recommend at least a 3-4 week campaign before your event.

The iTWire campaign will include numerous advertisements on our news site and a major newsletter promotion and promotional and editorial news. Plus a video interview of the keynote speaker on iTWire TV which will be used in promotional messages on the iTWire homepage.

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