Interns look back on a summer with Community Journals


By Rebecca Cowles

I really enjoyed my summer as a graphic design intern at Community Journals. In my first week, I was able to jump straight into designing pages for the Greenville Diary and the Upstate Business Journal. Since then, I have also worked on the magazine strongly, designed ads and spent time with the digital team. I learned a lot about the printing industry and working in a fast-paced environment. Throughout my 10 weeks here I have worked with the most amazing and helpful people. This internship was an invaluable experience and I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

By Macy Petty

Macy Petty

My internship at Community Journals was an extremely valuable experience and taught me just how rewarding a career in journalism can be. I worked with the editorial team of strongly and TOWN magazines, which introduced me to the process of writing and editing a magazine and allowed me to work on fun and interesting content. I also worked with Greenville Diary and Upstate Business Journal and I was able to research and write about fascinating topics that I had never touched on before. Throughout the summer, I learned valuable research and interview skills and learned how to turn any question into an informative story. The Community Reviews team was very welcoming and enthusiastic about helping me learn. My favorite part of this experience has been collaborating on content with such amazing writers and creators.

By Ana Pelham

Ana Pelham

During my summer 2022 at Community newspapers as a photography intern, I learned new skills in videography/photography, Adobe Creative Cloud, asset management and magazine design. These skills will help me further my career as a photographer. The guidance and support I have received from my mentors and the entire Community Reviews team has been very rewarding. Everyone was so welcoming and I’m honored to have been part of this great community.

As an intern, I spent my summer working with all the magazines of Community newspapers. John Olson and Chris Lee gave me tips on how to edit photos and videos for both Greenville Diary, Upstate Business Journal and CITY magazine. They helped me with organizing and writing techniques for print and digital. I was able to participate in many magazine issues, social media posts and website galleries. Laura Allshouse and Leigh Savage continued to help me deepen my knowledge of storytelling and guided me through several photo shoots. I had the opportunity to cover many different stories and events for vivid magazine and CITY magazine. After these 10 weeks with Community newspapers, I feel more prepared in journalistic, photographic and editorial skills across different platforms both digital and print. Experiencing curated photo shoots, meetings and interviews, and working in an office space will continue to help me on my career path with photography and journalism. Thanks Community newspapers for such an incredible internship.

By Sarah Grace Lipe

Sarah Grace Lipe

This summer I worked at Community Journals in Greenville as a graphic design intern. Before I started, I had no idea what to expect or what my experience would entail. I have been able to create advertisements for different organizations and businesses which have been included in several Community Journals publications including TOWN, UBJ, G.J.and strongly. Additionally, I have created digital advertisements for use on websites and online platforms. This internship allowed me to develop my passion for advertising and I look forward to using my experience in my future career. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and all that I learned, experienced and designed.


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