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Cryptographic accounting; The DOJ is still there; issues; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Sudden changes

  • Rosenberg Associates ( How much should new partners earn? The gap between the highest and lowest earning partners can be significant. Take a look at these data points from the 2021 Rosenberg survey.
  • taxbuzz ( In the recent González c. Commissioner, it has been ruled that vehicle costs incurred for any “secondary hustle” are deductible in certain circumstances – a major move for the gig economy.
  • Mutilated again ( It’s not just the cops who can come knocking on the door of the naughty tax preparer.
  • Solutions for CPA firm leaders ( “Sudden, abrupt change is not something CPAs wholeheartedly embrace.” If you need to make big changes in your business and your associates push you away, take small steps.
  • Tax Pro Center ( Some of the key challenges accounting professionals face in crypto accounting, including the new blockchain “ecosystem of tools”.
  • Wolters Kluwer ( Not surprisingly, nearly every company surveyed in a recent survey said they planned to expand their business. But less than half (43%) cited increasing their marketing efforts to achieve this goal. Tax and accounting are not an environment if you build it they will come. How to write your message, among other movements.
  • CPA Growth Trends ( A company can refresh its marketing approach in several ways, starting with “buying personas” to help with personalization.
  • Avalara ( Your handy state-by-state guide to the growing taxability of digital products.

Additional charges

  • HBK ( The economic link environment is changing very rapidly for manufacturers.
  • Current Federal Tax Developments ( Alimony (sometimes a lot) continues to be a thorny tax law issue for pre-2019 divorces. Redleaf v. Commissionerthe ex-spouses dispute the treatment of $51 million.
  • Turbotax ( What to tell them about the impact of rising interest rates on their finances.
  • Federal tax crimes ( In United States vs. Pate, the majority opinion sets up the decided issue in the opening paragraph: “Title 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1521 prohibits the filing of a false lien or charge against the property of any officer or employee of the United United” for the performance of official duties. functions.’ “The majority and dissenting opinions then engaged on the interpretation of a penal law.
  • TaxProf Blog ( No expense is deductible unless the taxpayer proves a legal right to a deduction. Clement Ziroli and Dawn M. Ziroli v. Commissioner shows how the burden of persuasion may have to swim against the complexity of a law of deduction.

straight talk

  • Procedural taxation ( Favorite Opening of the Week: “Well, the DOJ did it again.” In a recovery lawsuit against a husband and wife where the latter raised the defense of innocent spouse relief, not only did the DOJ ask the court to follow the likely incorrect district rulings that IRC 6015 relief cannot be relied upon in a recovery lawsuit, but the IRS persuaded the court that it would be too late for the taxpayer to file an 8857 seeking such relief.
  • National Taxpayer Advocate ( “From the very beginning of their journey on, taxpayers are faced with confusion and complexity.” One look at the “narrow application” of the homepage options and that even the broader option, Get your tax questions answered, only answers 59 pre-determined questions.
  • Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy ( “Seizing a way to criticize the popular Inflation Reduction Act as it nears final passage, Congressional Republicans have decided to attack its provisions that will undo a decade of IRS budget cuts and direct the agency to crack down on tax evasion by large corporations and individuals earning more than $400,000.”

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