Human Horizons unveils DRIVE-based Smart GT


Tourer vehicles just got a little bigger.

Electric vehicle maker Human Horizons provided a detailed look earlier this month at its latest production model: the GT HiPhi Z. The intelligent electric vehicle is poised to redefine the grand touring vehicle category with capabilities software-defined innovations that take luxury cruising to the next level. .

Marquee features of the vehicle include an in-vehicle AI assistant and an autonomous driving system powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

The GT badge first appeared on vehicles in the mid-20th century, combining smooth performance with a spacious interior for longer rides. Since then, the segment has diversified, with varying power and body designs.

The HiPhi Z iterates more on vehicle type, emphasizing smart performance and a convenient, comfortable in-cab experience.

Smooth sailing

An electric vehicle designed to be driven, the GT HiPhi Z also incorporates robust advanced driver assistance features that can give humans a break on long journeys.

The HiPhi Pilot ADAS platform provides dual redundancy for computing, perception, communication, braking, steering and power. It uses NVIDIA DRIVE Orin’s high-performance AI computing and 34 sensors to perform assisted driving and parking, as well as intelligent summoning.

DRIVE Orin is designed to handle the large number of applications and deep neural networks running simultaneously for autonomous driving capabilities. It is designed to achieve systematic security standards such as ISO 26262 ASIL-D.

With this high level of performance at its core, the HiPhi Pilot system offers seamless automated features that take the stress out of driving.

Smart interior

True to its GT DNA, the HiPhi Z sports a luxurious interior that offers effortless comfort for driver and passengers.

The cabin features suede bucket seats, ambient light panels and a 23-speaker audio system for an immersive sensory environment.

It’s also smart, with companion HiPhi Bot AI that can automatically adjust aspects of the vehicle experience. The AI ​​assistant uses a fast-moving, adjustable, automotive-grade robotic arm to interact with passengers. It can move back and forth in less than a second, with control precision of up to 0.001 millimeters, performing a variety of delicate movements seamlessly.

The GT HiPhi Z is currently on display in Shenzen, China, and will tour nearly a dozen other cities. Human Horizons plans to release full launch details at the Chengdu Auto Show in August.


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