How to Create a Beautiful Portfolio Website for a Model


Starting a career in an unforgiving world like the modeling industry can be very difficult, especially if you have nothing to show potential agents. But when it comes to modeling, showing off is a must. It’s a way to show clients that you’re serious about your profession.

Investing in a portfolio website is the way to take your career to new heights. One that not only improves your chances of getting noticed, but gives you a leg up on the competition. Luckily, creating your portfolio website is quite easy. The good news is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune to build your website.

With the following steps, you can dramatically improve your chances of standing out to launch your career

Determine what you want

You’ll have to start from scratch if you’re completely new to the game. This means setting the time to figure out what type of modeling you want to enter. For many aspiring models, there are many types of modeling. The key is to choose the one you prefer and think that you are best suited, as many have their requirements.

For example, a promotional template should look approachable and friendly, and then simply appealing.

Once you have an idea, you can take your photos accordingly, as they will reflect the type of modeling you hope to achieve. Whether it’s fashion modeling, live modeling or commercial modeling, specifying it from the start will help you market yourself for the role, with the added benefit of making it easier for recruiters to place you in a category. particular.

Hire the right photographer

Your photos are the highlight of your model portfolio! Now is the time to take the right photos that show off your skills. This is why it is essential to invest in a highly experienced photographer.

If you are looking to get the most out of your portfolio, you can look for a professional who is already working in the modeling industry. However, if your budget is tight, you can always ask someone who is still building their photography portfolio.

The key to hiring the right photographer is getting a background check on their previous work. It’s great if they’re an expert in your field so you can benefit from their art direction and expertise.

A good tip to remember is to make sure you have a clean studio and photos, as they make you look more professional and can make you stand out in the eyes of agencies.

Showcase your perfect shots

Perhaps the most difficult task is sorting through the photos in your portfolio. After your photo shoot is over, you probably have a large collection of photographs to choose from in the album.

You’ll only want a handful of your best shots for a professional portfolio, around 10-20. You’ll also want to showcase a variety of poses and looks so you can display your range as a model.

Potential customers tend to only pay attention to the few images that pop up the moment they arrive at your website. You need to take the time to portray the best shots you’ve worked on, and remember: quality trumps quantity.

The next step is to create a striking homepage that includes a range of your most eye-catching photos, helping you stand out.

It’s also a good time to get other people’s perspective and help yourself.

Choose a suitable model

Once you have your best shots, it’s time to define the ultimate template for your website. With so many default templates available online, this is your chance to up your game. You’ll want something that matches your needs, style, and personality.

There is nothing worse than an unprofessional site. It should offer a high degree of flexibility to allow you to customize your website to match your brand and artistic style.

With so many options, it’s best to choose one that makes your online portfolio efficient and attractive. A good tip is to check out other portfolio websites from some of your major fashion industries to understand what a good portfolio website looks like.

Understanding how other people leverage their wallets will help you create your perfect wallet website.

Either way, make sure you have the perfect balance of modern elements and effects. Too little or none will make your site look basic. Too much, and that’s overkill. Add a few web transitions here and there, and that should be it.

Include contact details

Of course, remember to add your contact details! It doesn’t matter how remarkable your portfolio is, it doesn’t matter if potential customers can’t contact you.

It should be included on a separate or visible page so you don’t miss the opportunity. Along with your basic information, you should also consider providing a business email address and phone number. A live chat widget can also help potential customers get instant answers.

Social media handles

Social media can be an additional part of your portfolio. Through your social media profiles, viewers can see more photos and even experience a new side of you!

You can add a little “about me” blog to introduce yourself and get personal. This way people get a fuller picture of your personality and abilities than they otherwise might.

If you have an awesome Instagram, that will work too. All you have to do is directly configure your feed to show up on your model portfolio now.

Update your portfolio regularly.

As a model, keeping up to date with your most recent photos is one of the most important things to do. There is nothing worse than outdated images.

Having fresh photos makes you feel like you’re following the latest fashion and style trends, automatically putting you on top. And if you need inspiration, just check out fashion websites that embrace your style.

It helps model agencies to convey your latest images to clients so that they can make a final decision.


To create a model portfolio, you don’t need more than hundreds of photos or expense. Luckily, it mostly comes down to having the right photographer, a suitable model, and updating your website regularly. With the perfect portfolio website, you can build an online presence with flexibility and creativity, representing the best version of yourself.

Finally, with these tips on your fingertips, you can create a portfolio that not only looks attractive but stands out, allowing you to land your dream job.


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