Here’s where to buy Nvidia RTX 4090 cards today


The next generation of graphics cards officially launches today, with Nvidia’s RTX 4090 (opens in a new tab) on sale October 12 at 6 am | 9 a.m. ET | 14:00 BST. We’ve obsessively compared a bunch of different versions of the new Ada Lovelace GPUs over the past two weeks, and it’s a truly impressive piece of technical graphics magic.

There is no other graphics card on the market today that can come close to the power and performance of the RTX 4090, whether rendering, gaming or ray tracing at 4K and beyond. of the. And even though AMD is set to announce its new chip-based RDNA 3 graphics cards in early November, rumors suggest that the best card is unlikely to surpass the RTX 4090.

There will be slightly more affordable Ada graphics cards will also arrive next month, but it’s hard to say if they’ll have the same generational impact as the RTX 4090. We’re not convinced.

So for now, if you want the magic that is the best graphics card in the world right now, that $1,599 price tag is what you need to pay. That’s the base MSRP and price for the excellent Nvidia Founders Edition, but there are much more expensive options on the table as well. Although, we’re struggling to see a reason why you should spend $2,000 on the Asus ROG RTX 4090.

But if you want a new high-performance graphics card, there’s nothing better, and probably not for quite a while. But don’t expect the cards to lag. They may not disappear as quickly as in previous launches, given their extreme price tag. And there are also a multitude of third-party cards. But I would still expect the first shipment of RTX 4090 cards to sell out soon after launch. Which means it will pay to get in line early.

So where can you funnel your hard-earned cash in exchange for the fastest consumer GPU ever?

When will the RTX 4090 go on sale?

The Nvidia RTX 4090 goes on sale Wednesday, October 12 on 6 am | 9 a.m. ET | 14:00 BST.

Where can I buy the RTX 4090 Founders Edition?

In USA Best Buy (opens in a new tab) continues as Nvidia’s go-to partner for its Founders Edition sales, so that’s where you can find the most budget-friendly version of the new RTX 4090.

In the UK, Nvidia is back to selling only its Founders Edition cards via his own store (opens in a new tab).

Nvidia RTX 4090 Retailers in USA

Amazon (opens in a new tab)

There are no announcements for Amazon yet, but you can expect the links to go live as the products launch elsewhere. It’s a funny old store…

best buy (opens in a new tab)

new egg (opens in a new tab)

B&H Photography (opens in a new tab)

Nvidia RTX 4090 UK Retailers

Currently, few retailers list prices for the RTX 4090, but we’ve listed the landing pages for the main UK GPU vendors below. The price of the RTX 4090 has recently increased, thanks to the current government tax treat, so it now starts at £1,699 for the Founders Edition.

Nvidia (opens in a new tab)

Amazon (opens in a new tab)

Amazon has yet to list any RTX 4090 cards, but we expect the pages to go live as soon as the embargo lifts and they will indeed go on sale.

Overclockers has a full list of cards it will be stocking, but as of yet no pricing on any of them until they go live at 2pm today.

To analyse (opens in a new tab)

Box (opens in a new tab)

Buyer (opens in a new tab)

Just for reference, here is the 4K performance of the new Nvidia card. Just in case you want to know how fast it compares to the high-end competition. And also to dissuade you from spending $1,200 on an RTX 3090 Ti just because it’s discounted around $800.

It’s just not worth the price now that the RTX 4090 has landed.

4K gaming performance


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