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It may only have been two years since Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week went live, but a lot has changed. Supply chain challenges, rising costs and changing technology talking points all take center stage at this year’s show. Come up with this live blog where I’ll chart the big takeaways and bring you views from the show. So let’s start.

“This industry has seen more change and challenges in the past two years than ever before, and strength was badly needed,” said David McCleave, Aftermarket Director, Hendrickson.

“For distributors and suppliers in the heavy-duty market, strength drives resilience,” said Bill Nolan, president of PBS Truck Parts and CommPar.

Tim Kraus enters the Hall of Fame

(More soon.)

Panel one. Leading the way: How the heavy-duty aftermarket can benefit from telematics

Stage Selfie! Johnson (center) and Kar killed it on our panel.

I moderated a panel! Sandeep Kar, Director of Strategy, Noregon, and Ben Johnson, Director, Product Management, Mitchell 1, provided excellent insight into the impact of data on the truck maintenance process and how all stakeholders – service providers, parts suppliers and distributors, fleets and technology solution providers – can come together, work with data and accelerate trucking service. Stay tuned for the panel video.

Panel two. Up your retention and recruiting game in these changing times.

Lee introduces the new world of employee recruitment.

Tony Lee, editorial vice president, Society for Human Resource Management, noted that 50% of all employers offer signing bonuses. He then explained the reasons why you might want to rethink the login bonus strategy.

“Once you start offering login bonuses, it’s really hard to stop. The market is waiting,” he said, listing the challenges signing bonuses present. “No. 2, either you offer it to everyone or you don’t offer it to anyone. And #3, what about current employees who have been there for years? Then you have to reward your long-term experience. Then there are employees who take bonuses and then disappear.

Lee recommended turning to HR performance analysis. He noted that talent analytics focuses on the decision points that drive investment decisions that impact the workplace.

Remote work

“How many have had an employee who said ‘I want to work remotely?’ It’s everywhere,” Lee said. “The good news is that it expands your hiring capabilities. And if you want top talent, you might have to welcome them.

He also noted that many business leaders are “going with the flow.”

How do you navigate remote work?

Take it one employee at a time was Lee’s advice. He went through a list that might help manage it:

1. Find out how each employee performs best.
2. Align with your employer brand.
3. Find out what employees missed at work.
4. Suspend pre-pandemic rules if necessary.
5. Don’t confuse physical physical presence with loyalty.

Fireside chat with the Port of Los Angeles

On the scene:

• Gene Seroka, Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles
• Tom Gazsi, Deputy Director and Chief of Police of the Port of Los Angeles

I let them speak:


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