Elite goaltender Ryan Dunn blogs about Virginia and Tony Bennett’s selection


Ryan Dunn was one of the most promising prospects on the adidas 3SSB circuit last summer, with consistent strong performances during his run with the NY Jayhawks. On Saturday, Dunn chose Virginia over Pittsburgh, the state of Oklahoma, Georgetown, Boston College, Minnesota, Maryland and South Carolina. He wrote an exclusive blog with Sports Illustrated describing his thought process behind the decision.

What’s up everyone is Ryan Dunn and I’m delighted to say I’m officially engaged at the University of Virginia! I can’t wait to go next fall and get to work pursuing a national championship!

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I think throughout the process there were signs I had that kinda drew me to Virginia. There, the culture was great for me; I liked everything, so it was a big plus for them! I liked everything about the visit; the facilities, the people and then I got really close to Coach (Tony) Bennett and the staff.

I felt comfortable with him as I spoke to him, and I felt like we really connected throughout the process.

It was a super tough decision because I was also very high on Pitt!

Coach (Jeff) Capel is a great guy and all of his staff, but in the end I felt like Virginia was the place for me.

I actually told them I was coming when I visited.

We did the tours and stuff and at the end of the tour they just made me sit down and sort of reiterated how badly they wanted me to be there. But they were cool, Coach Bennett said go to your tours and do whatever you have to do but let me know how much they wanted me.

I looked at my parents and said, “I think I’m done with my visiting” and then I just signed up!

I just knew Virginia was the place for me, and I didn’t want to wait.

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Coach Bennett was really excited! He texted me the next day and said he had been smiling all morning. All of the staff were excited, and that only reinforced that I had made the right decision.

Since I’m a bigger guard, they want to use me like they used De’Andre Hunter and Malcolm Brogdon, just using my height and skills to create for me and my teammates and play on locked defense.

I might try to talk to other guys to try and get them to come with me, but, for now, I’m just going to breathe and enjoy it.

It was hard to call all the coaches and tell them I wasn’t coming. I had made a strong bond and these guys were basically my friends, so it was difficult.

In the end, they understood it and respected it.

Now that I’m out of it, I’m probably going to celebrate by going out to eat with my parents or something.

OK, I have to go, I just wanted to give you a taste of my thought process with this decision.

Again, I’m just excited to be part of the family and can’t wait to go next year and get to work!

Come on Hoos!

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