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“As you emerge from your shelter after long years, a brave new world awaits you. A world populated by wicked and vile creatures. A world with no other human souls to be seen. A world with nature in its reigns now. A world which is about to get even worse.

This is how Dysmantle begins. The world may be getting worse, but the 10tons team wants you to be able to relax and enjoy.

Post-apocalyptic survival games are usually dark and grim, but we wanted to do something different. If you’re tired of starving in a bleak landscape, you can start Dysmantling! Your basic action is to demolish everything you see. Maybe you need a bigger hammer for that nice heater you found, but eventually you’ll get them all.

In true post-apocalyptic fashion, you’ll sometimes have to run or fight for your life.

In addition to dismantling everything, there is much more you can do. You can fish, farm, explore, fight, craft, build, hunt, cook, and even tame animals. You can build a completely satisfying and relaxing post-apocalyptic life inside Dysmantle.

Personally, I like to fish in real life. And there are plenty of opportunities for that in Dysmantle as well. You will obviously need a fishing rod first. There are a few more items you can craft, but after that it’s mostly about finding the best locations. After hauling in catches, you can cook powerful items with the rarest fish.

No trolling – whether on the internet or with a fishing line…

Besides fishing, you can also tame animals (which isn’t a skill you really have). In Dysmantle, you can befriend animals running around in the wild with the Animal Friend skill. Each skill level makes animals less and less afraid of you and also unlocks new interaction features.

You can also make treats to feed the animals. Once fed, you may find that you have become very popular with the animals as they follow you around. You can expand your selection of pet treats and drive an entire herd wherever you see fit.

These are just two of the many post-apocalyptic hobbies you can enjoy in Dysmantle. There is also a local cooperative, so you can enjoy all these activities with a friend. Maybe you’ll both get a sequel soon.

We’re also happy to say that the game will be in great shape when it comes to PS4 and PS5. We’ve been developing the game in “early access” mode on PC for over a year and we’re still grateful to our early access players. We’re so proud to release the rugged PlayStation version, which already has all the bells, whistles and finishing touches.

Dymantle is a new kind of game from the 10tons team: A vast open world with dozens of hours of gameplay. It took us four years to get here and we are delighted with the result and we hope you enjoy it Also !


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