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Free marketing mentorship for coach and bus operators is now offered through a special partnership between routeone and Torri. We talk to the founder of the latter, Jason Lee, to find out more

There’s no point in being the best-kept secret, which is why subscribers to routeone are invited to participate in a free offer of marketing mentoring in partnership with Torri.

Individual marketing tips will be presented in six one-hour sessions. In it, Torris – founded by Chartered Institute of Marketing fellow Jason Lee – will help small and medium-sized businesses maximize brand exposure and connect with their audience. Torris provides flexible marketing services to start-ups and small businesses, which Jason says is a more cost-effective approach than hiring in-house marketing staff.

Why choose Torris? To begin with, Jason’s marketing career started at a digital service provider for the coach and bus industry, which means he knows the industry inside out. He built stands at leading trade shows such as Coach and Bus UK and Euro Bus Expo, undertook digital and print marketing initiatives, worked with social media and integrated a customer relationship management system (CRM) to make his employer one of the most important. suppliers of this type within the industry.

routeone to offer

Suppliers or operators who choose to receive this free personalized advice will be trained to implement their own marketing strategy, which includes the use of digital and traditional media.

According to Jason, the information offered is ideal for businesses that don’t have a large budget to spend on marketing, want to scale up their current marketing efforts, or aren’t sure where to start with a marketing strategy.

“Torris appeals to people because they end up paying only for what they need,” says Jason. “Otherwise, companies – especially start-ups or those looking to reinvest in their marketing – either need to train someone or hire someone who is familiar with social media.”

He warns that this latter approach may lack direction. This results in a situation where “marketing tends to happen when it’s convenient for the business – not when it’s convenient for its potential customers, or someone who is going to visit its site.”

Each of the six sessions included in the routeone the offer will cover a different aspect of marketing. While Jason acknowledges that no one is going to leave mentoring as a “marketing guru”, it will give business owners an outside perspective and the means to build a succinct campaign over a period of time.

What is involved?

So what’s included? The first session will focus on market research and competitor analysis, and how companies can “change their marketing mindset and position”. Jason highlights how any business can outshine a bigger rival by continually marketing a business through digital means. “The first session will focus on your current marketing efforts,” he says. “This includes market research and examining your competitors, what they are doing well, what they are doing less well. I have tools and tips that can help businesses identify this.

This will be followed by a review of the website and an overview of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing analysis. “A lot of web developers will build you a website, and if you’re happy with it, they will be too,” says Jason. “It might not be properly designed with SEO and it won’t attract any visitors, but if you’re happy with the design, they’re happy.

“We need to look at some functionality, such as how the site looks, how people interact with it, and teaching people to review their own website; review the changes, tell them what changes they want to make and why.

“We also need to talk about the benefits of SEO, using keywords; but also look at marketing analytics, or Google Analytics, which show you what works… and what doesn’t.

The third session will cover social media and how to make it work for an individual business. This will include how to post, how often and a review of social media performance in Google Analytics, where visitor numbers and interactions can be monitored.

These sessions will then be covered by a recap titled “Gaining Competitive Advantage,” where brands will be encouraged to discover their USP and what makes them different – ​​or what they can do differently from their competitors.

The penultimate session will explore how digital and traditional marketing can work in tandem. The session will explore the benefits of both, and how the opportunities can be maximized. Jason cites an example like creating dedicated landing pages for web banners and how print can be tied to digital. “It’s a little harder to do on paper,” adds Jason, “but we’ll see how we can maximize those two opportunities.”

Finally, Torris will explore with vendors and operators the benefits of using banners and email marketing to leave them a content strategy with tips and tricks on what they can do in the future. This will include a series of tools that can help over the following months.

The ultimate goal is to help businesses meet their customers instead of relying on organic discovery. “Companies are always waiting for customers to come and meet them, whether on their website or on a social media page. You can’t count on it, you have to meet customers where they are, find out what your ideal profile is. Don’t wait for customers to come to you – meet them where they are,” says Jason.

An advice line

Operators or providers who choose to take advantage of this offer have no obligation to use Torris further. Times and dates are flexible and the offer is valid indefinitely. Jason even makes himself available as a source of quick advice. The only thing required of participants is an enthusiasm for learning a new skill.

In addition to the free mentorship offered, Jason offers Torris as a line of advice.

“I worked in this industry for five years,” concludes Jason. “I heard about DVSA, the public surveys, the recognition gained. It showed me the benefits of marketing and what a difference it can make to the success of a business

“This partnership with routeone is to try to help the industry – ultimately to help small and medium-sized businesses better understand how to compete. »


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