Create a Data Science Portfolio Using Github Pages for Free | by Keegan Fernandes | | August 2022


I will show you how to create a data science portfolio using GitHub pages in this article for free. To complete this project, you will need a basic understanding of git and HTML. My portfolio page can be found in the following link

First, you need to create a repository on Github. Name the repository then clone the repository to your local folder. After cloning to your local folder, find the portfolio projects made using HTML and CSS and copy them. There are many projects like this that can be found online. Avoid using projects that use frameworks like Vue, React etc. because it would complicate your project too much. I used this repository created by Maclinz for my project, it also has a youtube video attached to it so you can refer to it in case you don’t understand anything. Clone the files to the local git folder, add them, commit them and push them to your remote repository, then go to your repository settings and enable the GitHub pages and follow their instructions. A website must be created online.

Once you have the initial portfolio, you can edit the sections and add your information. For example, add the “you’re about me” section, your blog, previous experiences, and projects you’ve done. Make sure your sections highlight your strengths and show that the projects are in the same field as your potential employer. For example, if you are planning a job as a business analyst, make sure your main projects are in the same field. When you’re done, your project should look like this.

Don’t expect your wallet to look good right away. I worked on the project for a few minutes every day for a month and I’m still not satisfied with the result. You can also add things like favicons and personal projects to create a personal brand. Committing every day will also improve your GitHub traffic, and your website will change every day as you accumulate more experience.


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