Creatd Ventures Provides Post-Acquisition Update on Its DTC Wellness Brand, Base; Exceeds expectations with record quarter expected


Since the brand was acquired by Creatd Ventures in March this year, sales of Basis have reached record levels, with strong sales volume demonstrated through both Basis’ DTC website as well as distribution channels. third parties, including Amazon and Shopify. Additionally, Basis has begun to capitalize on Creatd Ventures’ existing beneficial partnerships and wholesale distribution networks. More recently, Basis expanded its physical and online distribution, after securing a deal to join Creatd’s wellness beverage brand. Dune Glow Remedy at luxury grocery store Erewhon Market, known for its curated list of influencer-loved products. Basis has also been signed as a distribution partner with Pod feeda wholesale marketplace platform that connects emerging brands to a network of innovative retailers, which is already currently engaged in the distribution of Creatd Ventures’ brands Camp and Dunes.

Commented Thomas PunchCEO of Creatd Ventures, “With Basis following in the footsteps of Dune and Camp, joining their ranks in leading online retail and distribution platforms like Erewhon and Pod Foods, we have validated our ability to leverage the proven capabilities of Creatd ventures into technology, e-commerce, and digital marketing to drive growth across our portfolio. As we continue to move forward with Creatd’s long-term brand acquisition strategy Ventures, we’re looking for similar wellness brands with subscription potential that consumers can fall in love with.”

While Basis leverages the proven distribution networks of other brands in Creatd Ventures’ portfolio, these existing brands – Dune and Camp – will also leverage Basis’ successful relationships with third-party channels like Amazon and Shopify. The company plans to further expand the distribution of Dune and Camp within these widely used platforms, honing the synergies that propel Creatd Ventures to its most profitable quarter yet.

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