Colossus launches the solar track market


Quality solar leads can be hard to come by, which is one reason customer acquisition costs for solar installers are consistently high. Colossus is the latest company to offer a solution, launching a solar lead marketplace to match residential solar suppliers with qualified solar demands in real time.

“The solar power market is growing at a breakneck pace and installers face many challenges, including rising customer acquisition costs and fierce competition,” said Heather Griffin, co-CEO of Colossus. “As a company focused on helping businesses grow, we provide qualified solar leads as well as expert consultation to help improve campaign performance so our partners can close more solar deals. .”

Colossus Marketplace generates high-quality traffic and leads through its owned and operated proprietary websites and landing pages. The company also works with partners to provide access to quality solar leads through affiliate network partners who are vetted for their ability to generate real-time solar requests that follow permission-based lead acquisition models. .

ADT Solar is one of the leading solar companies that has used Colossus Marketplace to effectively fill their sales pipeline.

“In less than a year, we’ve used the help of Colossus to add a significant number of appointments and sales for our field reps,” said Colleen Butterfield, vice president of customer acquisition. at ADT Solar. “I have confidence in Colossus Marketplace and the real-time digital leads we’ve acquired allow us to reach qualified new owners so our sales team has more opportunities to sell and close with the right leads.”

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