Civic engagement is more important than ever, and Daily Kos has an SMS program that makes it easy


What you can expect to receive on our mobile message list

When you join our mobile email list, you will regularly receive messages asking you to sign a petition, call a key decision maker or share viral content.

If it is a call campaign, you will receive a message with a clickable phone number, which asks your phone to make a call. After hearing a short message on the subject and a script of what to say, you will immediately be put in touch with the officials who need to hear from you.

We also send messages about breaking news and critical analysis that you will only find on Daily Kos. Sometimes these are exclusive Daily Kos YouTube interviews or podcasts, which can easily be viewed on smartphones with YouTube installed, or viewed on any smartphone’s web browser.

And just like our email program, Daily Kos petitions that require a large number of signatures in a short period of time will also be sent through our SMS program.

We are also stepping up our volunteer recruitment efforts ahead of critical elections across the country. Users will likely have the ability to help get the vote, help people apply to vote by mail, write letters or postcards to infrequent voters, or attend phone banks virtual sessions or virtual texting sessions.

This is a brief overview of our program, which we know will continue to evolve with new ideas and opportunities for activism, and we will continue to provide tools that enable the Daily Kos community to impact the country, as well as tools for our partners and allies that will facilitate the success of their campaigns and, of course, original and engaging content.

You can sign up to receive mobile messages on most of our petition homepages, or this page here. Each message will be identified by “Daily Kos” in the message.

When you sign up to receive mobile messages from our activism pages, or are introduced to our new short code 62340, you will receive a welcome message, with standard legal information such as the text “Help” for more information or “Stop” to exit receiving messages, which will automatically unsubscribe you from mobile messages, or tell you how to reach us for technical support. All this information can also be found in our privacy policy, and the landing page disclaimer.

Once registered, you can reply directly to 62340 from your mobile phone to access our mobile inbox. We monitor these responses and respond to legitimate response requests.

As always, the Daily Kos community continues to make a huge impact with our collective activism as we push for justice and democracy. Upgrading our mobile messaging program is a great feature that will allow us to continue making changes.

If you wish to subscribe, you can do so on most Daily Kos petitions or by register here. If you have moved, you can also change your address information here.

This new technology was made in partnership with Action Network, an activism platform for the progressive movement, which powers Daily Kos’ activism, newsletters, mobile and messaging programs.


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