Cassette Player Billboard Plays True Crime Stories From Audible


Amazon-owned entertainment brand Audible has rolled out interactive billboards that play its audiobooks and podcasts covering the criminal underworld.

As part of the “A Line-Up Unlike Any Other” campaign, Audible worked with outdoor billboard agency Talon to install the interactive billboards, the first featuring a cassette image and the name of the series ’93 women. .’

Commuters can interact with the series’ audio by scanning a QR code, which will take them to the title’s dedicated landing pages on

One billboard will be located in Brixton, London (from June 22) and the other in Salford, Greater Manchester (from July 4). The campaign will run across television, on-demand, cinema, social media, digital video and audio.

Albert Hogan, Senior Director, Content and Brand Marketing, said: “There’s a reason people connect with real crime stories – they’re real human stories. This campaign highlights the remarkable, startling and often uncomfortable reality of the crimes that are committed every day around us, and places particular emphasis on the victims, who are too often ignored.

“We wanted to bring these stories to life in new and interesting ways, so we’re excited to work with Talon on bespoke billboards to encourage audiences to stop and listen in unconventional ways.”


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