Can IOO and SUBD ETFs be part of an ASX ETF portfolio?


On the ASX, the iShares S&P Global 100 ETF (ASX:IOO) and VanEck Vectors Australian Subordinated Debt ETF (ASX: SUBD) may be worth exploring in 2022.

What to know about the iShares IOO ETF

The iShares IOO ETF offers investors exposure to 100 leading multinational companies in global equity markets. It’s a low-cost way to access a variety of global companies through a single fund.

According to our most recent data, ETF IOO had invested $2721.48 million. With IOO’s total funds under management (FUM) exceeding $100 million, the ETF meets our team’s minimum investment criteria for FUM levels. Typically, our team draws the line at $100 million for ETFs in the international equity sector because we believe that, relative to smaller ETFs, reaching this amount of MUF reduces the chances that the issuer of the ETF closes the ETF.

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The VanEck SUBD ETF – key points

The VanEck SUBD ETF invests in a portfolio of Australian dollar denominated subordinated bonds from a range of banks and insurance companies.

With our December 2021 numbers, SUBD’s FUM was $266.45 million. Given that the SUBD’s FUM exceeds $100 million, our investment team would say that the ETF satisfied our minimum criteria for the total amount invested, otherwise known as FUM. A very durable ETF in the index industry should be able to scale well and become profitable for the ETF issuer.

Are SUBD ETF fees bad?

VanEck, the ETF’s issuer, charges an annual management fee of 0.29% for the SUBD ETF. In other words, if you invested $2,000 for a full period of 12 months you can expect to pay a base management fee of around $5.80.

Management fees are above the average of all ETFs in our ASX ETF listbut keep in mind that the ETF may be able to justify the higher price with superior performance over time.

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