Breaking News: BARC asks IBDF if they want to remove the entire session from landing pages just for “news genre”: Best Media Info


(Left) Shashi Sinha, K Madhavan (Right)

BARC Chairman and CEO of IPG Mediabrands India, Shashi Sinha, said on Friday that BARC had recently asked the Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation (IBDF) if they wanted to remove the entire session from the Genre-only Landing Pages. .

IBDF is the largest player in the measurement body.

Speaking at a conference hosted by NBDF in New Delhi, Sinha said major broadcasters disagreed with the idea of ​​removing the entire session from landing pages a few years ago.

“They said it would seriously affect the viewership of cricket tournaments like the IPL,” he said.

“About 10 days ago the landing page issue came up again in a meeting with IBDF Chairman K Madhavan. I told the whole story again and told them that it was up to them whether the entire session of the landing page should be deleted or not. The algorithm to knock out the entire session makes our lives much easier than what we do today,” Sinha said. .

Adding that IBDF has not yet come back to BARC on this, Sinha said, “We also suggested that if you feel uncomfortable doing it for all genres, just do it for the genre. News. If IBDF asks us to knock out the entire News genre session, we will.

Sinha also welcomed the idea of ​​petitions signed by broadcasters to remove the entire session from News-like landing pages.

“Ultimately, it’s up to IBDF to respond to any appeals on this. I will go back to IBDF with the petitions,” Sinha said.

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