BLOG: Chinese demand for traditional petchems in Q4 likely not increasing due to economic rebalancing


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The ‘paradigm shift’ cliché is so overused that it can often be meaningless.

Not in this case, however. There is no doubt that China is undergoing a profound paradigm shift where changes in government policies mean that real estate will no longer be such an important economic driver.

A new study reveals that no other economy is or has been as dependent on real estate as China. The real estate sector represents 29% of Chinese GDP.

This shift in real estate policies, combined with decarbonization, has HUGE implications for the global petrochemical industry.

Focusing only on the short-term implications for polyethylene (PE) in today’s post, don’t expect the traditional improvement in demand in the fourth quarter.

Total Chinese PE demand was already heading for a reduction of 1.6 million tonnes from 2020, even before the Evergrande crisis accelerated and the government’s firmer focus on “common prosperity”.

And PE imports were already heading for a reduction of 3.4 million tonnes – again before the policy changes.

The results of PE demand and imports in 2021 could now be even worse.

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