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Backcountry Magazine is proud to announce its recent partnership with longtime French snow sports journalist Mathieu Ros Medina to present the Gear Guide 2022 to the French public. The collaboration will involve Backcountry MagazineEditors’ Choice’s renowned equipment selections, as well as original material in French.

The first issue will be available mid-December and is for sale exclusively on, via its Ulule fundraising page and in a selection of newsstands across France. Beyond the hardware reviews, features and photos, the first French commemorative edition will be a little different from the American version.

“We think the French version should really reflect the tastes of our community here,” says Ros. “So, Hinterland France will offer long articles written by the best French and European snow sports enthusiasts. The way we explore the mountains has turned more and more towards natural means, and I think the backcountry style of enjoying the snow has never been more relevant here in France. Regarding the format of the magazine, we think we have a (much) more compact small is beautiful format and a very nice thick Italian paper will appeal to our target audience, who are looking for a magazine that they can keep on their coffee table for months. “

Countryside hopes that there will be enough interest in the first issue to build a three-issue series supported by subscribers and the industry in 2022, featuring the best translated stories from the US edition as well as original French content.

“The French-speaking region of France and Switzerland is an excellent market for Backcountry Magazine, “said Arthur Guinand, marketing manager of the Swiss climbing skin manufacturer Pomoca. “With resorts like Verbier, Chamonix and La Grave, you can find people who practice the pure essence of skiing and go to the high mountains. The history and heritage of this part of the Alps will offer a lot of amazing content for such a magazine. It is the heart of winter hiking, ski mountaineering and adventure. Who better to share material, articles and adventures than Backcountry Magazine? “

“In 2020, our sister title Mountaineer has started publishing its Korean version, which has been very well received, ”said Height of Land Publications President and CEO Adam Howard. “Publishing each of our brands in Europe has been a long-standing goal, and it’s exciting to have Countryside opening the way.”

Crowdfunding is ongoing until mid-November on the French site Ulule. Join us!

On Backcountry Magazine: Since 1994 Backcountry Magazine was dedicated to The Untracked Experience. Founded in 1994 in Colorado, USA, Countryside covers equipment, destinations, avalanche safety and education on premium archival paper. Richly designed and featuring the best photography in the world, Countryside is the only brand dedicated exclusively to skiing and split-boarding beyond borders. It is published in Jeffersonville, Vermont, USA by Height of Land Publications with its sibling titles Mountaineer, Cross-country skier and Mountain Flyer: the mountain biking journal.

About Mathieu Ros: Mathieu Ros Medina has spent the last 20 years working in the French ski and snowboard media landscape. From websites to magazines, he has contributed to most of the headlines including, Fluid, Skier, Ski, Snowboard and more. He is above all a lover of snow and mountains, delighted to bring Countryside Magazine to the French regions of Europe and beyond.


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